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Meet Lemuel Inkoom

’26, Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences

I’m really enjoying being an Honors student. In high school, I thought Honors meant just harder classes, but at UToledo, it means smaller class sizes. Some classes are longer, but I’m learning more than I would outside of Honors.

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Meet Teddy Walsh

’22, Bachelor of Science in Physics & Mathematics

I was surprised I was able to begin working on research so early in my college career. It feels great to make such an impact and be part of something that is going to accelerate so many discoveries. This database will speed up a lot of research projects tremendously for astronomers all over the world.

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Meet Maggie Bennekamper

’22, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

“I was really interested in healthcare and still continue to be interested in making healthcare more accessible and equitable to people. I thought I needed to go into the medical field to do that. Being in a health research lab, there’s a lot I can do in a research way of things that are more hands-on.”

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Meet Tessa Vogel

’21, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

For as crazy as a time as it’s been, the University and the College of Nursing have done a great job at helping us succeed. All the interactions I’ve had with the instructors, it just seems like they care so much about you individually. As much as you’re willing to get out and ask questions, they’re willing to help.

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Last Updated: 11/8/22