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The safety and health of our students, staff and faculty is our priority for The University of Toledo.

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Meet Eanas Abutaha

’20, Bachelor of Science in Biology, Pre-dentistry concentration

"UToledo is not too small, and it’s not too big. The opportunities here were perfect for me. The Honors College put me in an environment surrounded by individuals who wanted to do more than just pass classes, and that inspired me to want to do more."

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Meet Naba Rizvi

’20, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

"Women are very, very underrepresented in computer science. We make up less than 20% of the overall population of computer science majors, and now because of all the work we did with the Association of Computing Machinery Women’s Chapter, not only do they know that these opportunities are out there for them, but they have the passion and the courage to reach for them."

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Last Updated: 7/21/20