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The Department of Communication Internship Program is designed to enrich a student's classroom activities and help the student gain real-world experience. Many employers look for potential workers who've had favorable critiques of their internships, and many offer their interns full-time employment after they graduate. Internships are available in a variety of media companies and corporate communication offices. In a professional environment, students gain insight and knowledge in such areas as broadcasting, journalism, public relations, online & social media, magazine, corporate communication, event planning, and other areas relevant to the major. An internship is a great opportunity to test your knowledge and skills. All communication students are encouraged to apply.

  internships a higher level of learning and experience cross the line between thinking and doing

For current internship/employment information and to connect with our department on social media, please visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You may also call the Department of Communication office at 419.530.2005, or contact the internship program director, Lisa Bollman at

Internship Eligibility and Additional Information

  • Complete 60 semester hours of college-level courses with an overall GPA of at least 2.75 and 3.00 in Communication courses. In rare circumstances this GPA requirement may be waived at the sole discretion of the director.
  • Complete basic courses that the director judges appropriate to the internship.
  • Meet with the director. Describe your proposed internship. The director will certify that you have met the basic requirements.
  • You may enroll for no more than 3 hours of COMM 4940.

The director will give you a check sheet of deadlines which will include the following assertions: 

  • I have met with the internship director within the first two weeks of the term and he/she has certified that I qualify for an internship and approved the internship.
  • I have met with the internship director before the end of the seventh week of the term and he/she approves the first draft of my field notes.
  • I have submitted the final version of my field notes, and a copy to the director before the last day of the last week of classes of the internship semester. He/she approves the final version.
  • Have the meetings described above. Consult with the director on the content and layout design of your field notes. Samples are available.
  • Submit the signed check sheet to the director on or before the last day of the last week of classes of your intern semester.
    ***A student can receive a grade of PS or NC for his/her internship. The grade is based on reports the student is required to make regarding their learning and work experience, and on a report or letter from the intern's employer evaluating the intern's performance.

Current Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunities are posted and updated periodically at the department's Facebook and Twitter feeds. Please subscribe to those newsfeeds for internship information. We also have a presence on Pinterest. 

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