Law and Social Thought

Alumni Stories

Logan Sheehan - Class of 2006

Logan Sheehan, LST graduate, 2006, went to work for Habitat for Humanity in Washington DC. Here he welcomes President Obama to a Habitat worksite in DC and explains the project to the Obamas.

He attributes his capacity to think critically about community organizing and planning to his undergraduate studies in Law and Social Thought. He is currently a Master's Degree candidate in the Department of Urban Planning at the University of Michigan.

His personal statement for his application to graduate schools is a good example of self-reflective and intellectually rigorous writing.Have a look at it as you think about what your personal statement for future applications might contain.

Ashlyn Carroll--Class of 2012


Ashlyn Carroll started her Americorps job at the Food Bank of Iowa just after she graduated as a Law and Social Thought major in spring of 2012. Within two weeks she was finding connections with work she did in the Inside/Out Prison Exchange Project at UT. Firstly, she found that the Food Bank of Iowa started a partnership with the Newton Correctional Institution, where they farm 12 acres of land and donate that produce to our food bank (and we distribute it to all of our partner agencies, who distribute it directly to those in need). 

 Also, she visits partner agencies; one of them is a summer camp for kids of incarcerated individuals, it's through a program called angel tree (here's the website -, which does christmas gifts for those kids, among other things. 

 She is involved with organizing an exhibit called 'Hunger and Resilience' - it has 5 min clips and pictures from individuals throughout the country telling their stories

 Generally, Ashlyn has the responsibility of aiding with agency capacity building. She will travel all over the state of Iowa and help indiviual agencies receive and distribute more food>. She reports she is very excited to begin that work after a period of moving in and becoming oriented to her new job.

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