Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology and Anthropology Faculty

Sociology Faculty

Patricia CasePatricia Case
Ph.D., Wayne State University
Associate Professor of Sociology, Associate Dean in the College of Arts and Letters

Areas of Interest: Social Psychology, Medical Sociology, Sociology of Deviance

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Office: UH 3160
Phone: 419.530.5506

Barbara CoventryBarbara Coventry
Ph.D., University of Illinois
Associate Professor of Sociology, Graduate Advisor

Areas of Interest: Sociology of Work; Race, Class and Gender; Social Statistics; Sociology of Sport

Office: UH 2680F

Pat DamschroderPat Damschroder
Secretary I
Sociology & Anthropology Main Office

Office: UH 2520
Phone: 419.530.2791
Fax: 419.530.8406

D. HaaseDwight Haase

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison
Department Chair, Associate Professor of Sociology

Areas of Interest: Globalization, Economic Sociology, Quantitative Methods
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Office: UH 2540
Phone: 419.530.5574 

Monita MungoMonita Mungo
Ph.D., Wayne State University 
Assistant Professor, Sociology Undergraduate Advisor

Areas of Interest: Education, Teaching and Learning, Racial Inequality, Labor

Office: UH 2640E
Phone: 419.530.4075

Karie PeraltaKarie Peralta
Ph.D., University of Miami
Assistant Professor of Sociology

Areas of Interest: Community and Urban Sociology, Sociology of Education, Applied Sociology, Community-based Research, and Social and Education Development in the Dominican Republic

Office: UH 2630A
Phone: 419.530.4659

Mark SherryMark Sherry
Ph.D., University of Queensland
Professor of Sociology

Areas of Interest: Identity, Power, Theory, Race, Class, Sexuality, Gender

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Office: UH 2600B
Phone: 419.530.4076

Jerry VanHoyJerry Van Hoy
Ph.D., Northwestern University
Associate Professor of Sociology; Co-Director, Program in Law & Social Thought; Director, Master of Liberal Studies Program

Areas of Interest: Sociology of Law, Crime, Deviance, Social Theory, Qualitative Methods

Master of Liberal Studies Program - Home
UT Law & Social Thought - Home

Office: UH 2100
Phone: 419.530.7257

Barb ChesneyBarbara Chesney - Emeritus
Ph. D., University of Michigan
Associate Professor of Sociology

Areas of Interest: Medical Sociology, Social Psychology, Health, Deviance

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E. NigemElias Nigem - Emeritus
Ph. D., Utah State University
Associate Professor of Sociology, Associate Director of Middle East Studies Institute

Areas of Interest: Demography, Human Ecology, Quantitative Methods, Middle East Population

Phone: 419.530.4662
Fax: 419.530.8406

Anthropology Faculty

Shana ArpsShahna Arps
Ph. D., The Ohio State University
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Anthropology Undergraduate Advisor

Areas of Interest: Cultural Anthropology, Biocultural Anthropology, Biological Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Human Ecology and Adaptability.

Office: UH 2680D
Phone: 419.530.4667

Melissa BaltusMelissa Baltus
Ph. D., University of Illinois
Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Archeologist

Areas of Interest: North American Archaeology, Urbanization and Early Cities, Revitalization Movements, Pottery Analysis.

Office: UH 2680G
Phone: 419.530.4953

McKetherWillie L. McKether
Ph.D., Wayne State University
Associate Professor of Anthropology, UT Vice President of for Diversity and Inclusion

Areas of Interest: Urbanization, Business and Organizational Culture, Qualitative Methodology, African-American Migration, Globally Dispersed Work Teams, Labor-Management Relations

Office for Diversity and Inclusion

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Phone: 419.530.2260

Seamus MetressSeamus Metress
Ph.D., Indiana University
Professor of Anthropology

Areas of Interest: Race and Ethnicity, Medical Anthropology, Conflict in Northern Ireland

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Office: UH 2580
Phone: 419.530.4652

SinerAngela M. Siner
M.A., History, University of Louisiana at Lafayette; Ph.D. Candidate, University of Toledo
Director of Africana Studies Program

Africana Studies - Home

Areas of Interest: African American Culture, Women's Studies

Office: UH 2370G
Phone: 419.530.4660

Thomas ZychThomas Zych
M.S., University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
Associate Lecturer of Anthropology, Archaeologist

Areas of Interest: Prehistoric Archaeology of the Great Lakes/Midwest, Culture Contact, Agency and Power, Geographic Information Systems, Spatial Analysis, Computer-aided Cartography, Ceramic Analysis, Cultural Resource Management.  

Office: UH 2680C
Phone: 419.530.4395

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