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The College of Business and Innovation is proud to sponsor a number of student organizations that focus on social activities and bringing in business professionals to discuss their professions with students of all majors and in major-specific student groups. The College strongly suggests that all students join at least one professionally-focused student organization in order to help prepare them for their future careers.

If you have any questions about joining a student organization in the College of Business, contact Darlene Stevens via email or call the Office of Retention and Student Academic Success at 419-530-2087.

Alpha Kappa Psi
A national business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi conducts professional programs and field trips, while helping its members to gain experience in organization, administration, management, leadership, public relations and service. Regular meetings are held throughout the academic year.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Gary Insch
President: Justin Gannon

AMA (American Marketing Association)
The UT collegiate chapter of AMA provides opportunities for marketing majors as well as students interested in marketing to learn some of the essential skills and principles of marketing management and to network with students, local businesses, and marketing leaders from around the region. Chapter meetings are held every other week and are open to all interested students.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Mark Gleim, 419-530-2199, ST 3012
President: Megan Nelson


APICS (American Production and Inventory Control Society)
The mission of APICS is to promote the professional practice of materials management, production planning, and other related functions. Regular meetings are held on campus throughout the academic year, and students from all majors are encouraged to attend.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. P.S. Sundar, 419-530-2456, ST 4019
President: Max Minor

AITP (Association of IT Professionals)
This organization disseminates information about the use of computers in business to students of any major interested in the use of technology. Each semester there are several meetings which may include guest speakers and business tours. AITP also sponsors seminars and workshops on topics such as software, PC repair and maintenance, and network installation.

Faculty Adviser: Teresa Keefe, 419-530-2493, ST 4017
PresidentJoshua Maniak
Meeting Schedules:

Beta Alpha Psi
Founded in 1919, this national accounting fraternity was established to promote the study and practice of accounting while recognizing outstanding academic achievements in the field. Members are actively involved in the University and Toledo communities in a variety of ways. It complements members' formal education by providing interaction with other students, faculty, and professionals. Beta also fosters lifelong growth, service, and ethical conduct. Beta Alpha Psi serves as a conduit for student members to gain internships and ultimately professional careers. To join, you must have completed one accounting class. So students at the sophomore level or higher are eligible to join Beta. All are welcome to attend our meetings. If you have any question, contact:

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Diana Franz, 419-530-4264, ST 3045
President: Paige Anderson

Video: Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Gamma Sigma
Beta Gamma Sigma is an International Honor Society that focuses on encouraging and honoring students who excel academically. BGS strives to enrich the lives of its members through the founding principles and values of honor and integrity, pursuit of wisdom, earnestness, and service. This Honor Society is an invitation based membership given to the top 10% of Juniors, 10% of Seniors, and 20% Graduate Students.

Faculty Advisers Dr. Amal Said, ST 3047, 419-530-2197, Kimberly Nigem, ST 2012, 419-530-4687
President: Jamal Shaheen

BSIS (Business Society of International Students)
Flourish with BSIS, and make lifelong connections in your personal and professional life. Open to international students with all business majors, we are here to help you obtain more experience and eventually find a career in the US. Meetings and activities are held on UT campus throughout the academic year.

Faculty Advisers: Dr. Sheldon Peng, 419-530-2327, ST 3036; and Xinren Yu, 419-530-4483, SM 1020
President: Fangzheng Wang

Family Business Student Association
This organization will provide students with a hands on knowledge of what it takes to own/manage a business. They will be active in networking events and gain inside access to real life experiences in the business world. Here students will get one-on-one business professional help on future endeavors. 

Staff Adviser: Angie Jones, 419-530-4422, SB 2200
President: Amanda Martin

FMA (Financial Management Association)
The UT student chapter of FMA holds regular meetings throughout the academic year focusing on careers and opportunities in finance. The organization is open to interested students from all majors. FMA sponsors a trip to Chicago each spring to the Futures and Options Exchange.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Kainan Wang, 419-530-4317, ST 4014 
President: Arofat Rahkmankulova 

International Business Association (IBA)
The International Business Association sponsors many programs and activities throughout the academic year and is open to students from all majors. IBA regularly invites guest speakers to campus and takes trips to various sites around Toledo to learn more about international business.

Faculty Adviser: Carol Sullinger, 419-530-2397, ST 3019 
President:  Jaret Yost 

MBASO is a student organization at The University of Toledo dedicated to promoting student involvement for current MBA students and alumni. Members of this organization will have access to the following benefits: 
- Business Networking Events
- Social Events to meet other MBA Students
- Study Groups 
- Advice from Students 
- Professional Development opportunities 
- and so much more!
Join our Facebook group and become a member today!

Faculty Adviser: Bashar S. Gammoh, PH.D., 419-530-2091, ST 3050
President: TBA

Pi Sigma Epsilon
This professional fraternity is especially for students interested in sales, sales management, and marketing. Pi Sigma Epsilon was created to promote marketing and sales as careers, and today is identified as one of the greatest impact forces training students for and encouraging them to enter these fields.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Katy Johnson, 419-530-2287, ST 3015
President: Kaeleigh Wilkins

Searles Ambassadors
This honorary group was created in tribute to Dr. Clair Searles, the first dean of the College of Business (1930-1958). Membership for this organization is an application and interview process that takes place in the spring semester of each academic school year. Specific requirements are set in order to become a Searles Ambassador and represent approximately one percent of the College of Business.

Staff Adviser: Darlene Stevens, 419-530-2087, ST 1022B
President: TBA
Email: Searles Ambassadors

SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)
The UT student chapter of SHRM provides students with the opportunities for professional development and a means to network with human resource managers. Members include a variety of business and non-business majors, and regular meetings are open to all interested students.

Facebook Page:!/pages/UT-SHRM/279617805398795

Faculty Advisers: Dr. Jenell Wittmer, 419-530-2264, ST 2013; and Dr. Joseph Cooper 419-530-2550, ST 2016 
President: Laurie Britt

SHARP (Student Held Assets Return Portfolio)
This organization will provide a hands-on investing environment for the students of the University of Toledo by offering them an active role in investment research and portfolio management. Students interested in the field of investments will be given the opportunity to use the knowledge acquired and apply it by actively investing it the various financial markets. Local professionals will be invited to speak and share their career experiences. This organization will also seek to compete in national investment research competitions. All UT students, regardless of major, interested in the field of investments will have the opportunity to join.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Ozcan Sezer, 419-530-2367, ST 4046
President: TBA
Email: SHARP

Young Entrepreneurs Society 
Y.E.S is an organization for students interested in pursuing Entrepreneurship. Students will get the opportunity to share their ideas with immediate feedback from their peers. The idea of this organization is to connect students with the appropriate resources that are already available on campus and assist with the necessary steps to grow, develop, and eventually start their own business.

Faculty Adviser: Dr. Sonny Ariss, 419-530-4060, ST 2044
President: Daniel Lepsky


Last Updated: 8/14/18