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The College of Business and Innovation Office of Student Retention and Academic Success strives for excellence in its services to all constituents and is committed to providing quality academic advising to undergraduate students to assist them in achieving their highest academic goals.

If you have any questions regarding undergraduate academic advising, graduation or registration, please call 419-530-2087 or email with your Rocket Number in the email.

The electronic sign-in for undergraduate walk-in advising will be available one-half hour (30 minutes) prior to the beginning of the scheduled walk-in time. There is often a wait to meet with an adviser, but the advisers will advise everyone who has signed on the list so long as the student is in the Office of Student Retention and Academic Success at the posted ending time of the walk-in session.

Upcoming Undergraduate Walk-In Advising Hours – Savage & Associates Business Complex 3130

Priority Registration for Spring 2016 begins on October 14, 2015 for continuing and transfer readmit student groups. You date is based on your number of earned hours. Priority registration dates are just below the October Undergraduate Walk-in dates.

October 2015 Undergraduate Walk-in Advising Hours

October 1      Thursday      4 pm - 6 pm
October 2      Friday      10 am - Noon
October 12      Monday      10 am - Noon
October 13      Tuesday      10 am - Noon
October 14      Wednesday      2 pm - 4 pm
October 15      Thursday      3 pm - 5 pm
October 16      Friday      10 am - Noon
October 20      Tuesday      10 am - Noon
October 21      Wednesday      2 pm - 4 pm
October 22      Thursday      1 pm - 3 pm
October 27      Tuesday      4 pm - 6 pm
October 28      Wednesday      2 pm - 4 pm
October 30      Friday     10 am - Noon

Priority Registration Dates Spring 2016

Continuing &   Transfer Readmit Student Groups

Spring 2016

Honors, Graduate levels, Athletes   including Varsity Cheerleaders, ROTC (Only ROTC Scholarship Cadets),   Salford Students, Students with Disabilities, Office of   Accessibility Note Takers &   Military/Veteran


Distance Learning Only Program


100  or more earned hours


90 or more earned hours


80 or more earned hours


UWD (Undergraduate with Degree)


70 or more earned hours


60 or more earned hours


50 or more earned hours


40 or more earned hours


30 or more earned hours


20 or more earned hours


10 or more earned hours


1 or more earned hours


New Students in the current Fall   term


Open Registration


Program 60


New Students and New Transfer Students must complete orientation to be advised and register for classes. 1
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