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Business deans’ boastful bet raises rivalry’s ramifications

Business deans’ boastful bet raises rivalry’s ramifications

Deans of business colleges are typically men and women of doing things by the book, not by bookies.

But the betting stakes are colorfully high in a good-natured challenge between Dean Gary Insch of The University of Toledo College of Business and Innovation and Dean Ray Braun of the Bowling Green State University College of Business.

The challenge builds upon the longstanding fierce yet friendly rivalry between the two universities, especially during the Rockets versus the Falcons annual football matchup, often referred to as the “Battle of I-75.”

The deans’ smack talk began after they both were at a recent community business meeting, resulting in Dean Braun’s challenge that the dean of the school losing the November 17 football game must wear the football jersey of the opposing team.

“I accepted Dean Braun’s challenge for three reasons,” Dean Insch said:

  • “I have every confidence that the 8-1 Rockets will achieve another victory in this nationally televised football classic.

  • To show that both of our business colleges are key players in serving and enhancing the business climate in this region.

  • And because Dean Braun will look good in Blue & Gold when he loses the battle bet!”

Last Updated: 6/24/19