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In addition to biomedical visualization and 3D modeling, we are visual problem solvers.  Our goal is to get you there quicker and faster with a higher level of content understanding.  From 'simple' graphics for journal articles and informative patient education brochures to completely custom interactive powerpoint presentations, we have the capabilities to deliver and a wide variety of media for a wide variety of audiences.

We also collaborate often with UT's other talented creative departments (Center for Creative Instruction, Web Development, Marketing, etc.) to coordinate larger scale projects (web design, brochure design, interactive pieces, etc).

Some of our most successful collaborative products include:
Anatomy & Physiology Revealed® (APR)  - An interactive multimedia experience that allows self-guided exploration of the key structures and physiological processes of every human body system.  (Developed for McGraw-Hill Publishing).

WebSim Health  - A self-paced interactive multimedia tool that features anatomy, physiology, and assessment modules to supplement and assist the instructor and students' classroom education with visual and auditory experiences for performing cardiac and respiratory assessments.  (Developed with Pinnacle Technology Group, Inc).

Fruit Reveal3D - FruitExpos3d - Using real CT imagery in 3D, out app allows you to explore more than two dozen fruit from skin to seed, rotating and peeling away the layers to discover just what is really inside the fruit you have eaten.

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Last Updated: 2/17/17