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Requesting Certificates of Insurance

University groups using non-University facilities and premises often are required to furnish a certificate of insurance showing evidence of the University's  insurance coverage by the University. Also, renting/leasing equipment, sending students to intern sites and many contractual services are other situations where the other party may want to see the University's proof of insurance coverage.   Proof of insurance is proved by a document called a Certificate (or Memorandum) of Insurance. 

Generic Certificates may provide sufficient proof of coverage to a third party.  You can download a generic Property, Auto Liability and General Liability Memorandum by clicking here.  For a generic Professional Liability Certificate, click here.  

If the other party requires a Certificate specifically addressed to them as the Certificate Holder, then these Certificates are provided by the insurance company and are requested by Risk Management.

Property, auto liability and general liability certificates may be obtained by contacting Brenda Humberston, Workers' Compensation and Risk Specialist, at the Main Campus Risk Management Office at 419-530-3655 or emailed at brenda.humberston@utoledo.edu . Tom Claire, Administrator for Risk Management can also be contacted at 419-383-4570 or emailed at tom.claire@utoledo.edu .  

Professional liability insurance certificates can be obtained by contacting Sue Mikkonen, Legal Nurse Specialist, at the Health Science Campus Office of Legal Affairs at 419-383-4583 or emailed at susan.mikkonen@utoledo.edu . Tom Claire, Administrator for Risk Management, can also be contacted 419-383-4570 or emailed at tom.claire@utoledo.edu .

A Certificate of Insurance can generally be obtained from the insurance company within 24 hours.  You need to provide the following information.:

  • Name and address of the Certificate Holder: This is the person or company requesting the certificate.  A Certificate cannot be completed without this information.
  • Type of insurance: Is the Certificate Holder requesting proof of property, auto liability, general liability or professional liability coverage?  Let us know so the appropriate Certificates can be obtained.
  • Reason for the Certificate: It is important to have some identifying information in the Certificate's description that would indicate the purpose of the Certificate.  If you are renting facilities for a University function, indicate where and when.  If you are renting or leasing equipment, indicate what is being rented/leased, duration of rental/lease and value of the rented/leased equipment. If you are going to a clinical facility and need proof of professional liability insurance, indicate the site, location, time period and profession.  If the request is for a specific student, provide the student's name.  Any details can be useful in preparing a Certificate that will be acceptable to both UT and the Certificate Holder
Last Updated: 3/22/17