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Lesley M. Berhan


Associate Professor, Interim Assistant Dean of Diversity & Community Engagement

Contact Information

Mechanical, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Department
Nitschke Hall 5004
Mail Stop 312
University of Toledo
Toledo, OH 43606
Phone: (419) 530-8220


Dr. Berhan is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering at The University of Toledo.  She received her BS. in Civil Engineering from the University of the West Indies in St. Augustine, Trinidad in 1994.  She worked as a civil engineer in Trinidad for one year before beginning her graduate studies.  In 1997 she received her M.S. in Civil Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, after which she worked for two years as a structural engineer at Albert Kahn Associates in Detroit, Michigan.  In 2003 she received her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.  She taught for one year at the University of Detroit Mercy before joining the MIME department in Fall 2004.

Research Interests

Heterogeneous materials
Fibrous networks
Structural mechanics
Finite element analysis

Recent Publications

  • “Statistical Geometry of Random Fiber Networks Revisited: Waviness, Dimensionality, and Percolation”, Y.B. Yi, L. Berhan, and A.M. Sastry, 2004, Journal of Applied Physics 96(3), 1318-1327.
  • “Effect of Nanorope Waviness on the Effective Moduli of Nanotube Sheets”, L. Berhan, Y.B. Yi, and A.M. Sastry, 2004, Journal of Applied Physics 95(9), 5027-5034.
  • “Mechanical Properties of Nanotube Sheets: Alterations in Joint Morphology and Achievable Moduli in Manufacturable Materials”, Y.B. Yi, L. Berhan, and A.M. Sastry, 2004, Journal of Applied Physics 95(8), 4335-4345.
  • “On Modeling Bonds in Fused, Porous Networks: 3D Simulations of Fibrous/Particulate Joints”, L. Berhan and A.M. Sastry, 2003, Journal of Composite Materials 37(8), 715-740
  • “Deformation and Failure in Stochastic Fibrous Networks: Scale, Dimension, and Application”, A.M. Sastry, C.W. Wang, and L. Berhan, Probabilistic Methods in Fatigue and Fracture, Trans Tech. Publications, 2001
  • “Structure, Mechanics and Failure of Stochastic Fibrous Networks:  Part I – Microscale considerations”, C.W. Wang, and L. Berhan, A.M. Sastry, 2000, Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology 122(4), 450-459



MIME 1650 - Materials Science and Engineering
MIME 2300 - Dynamics
MIME 4280/5280 - CAD Finite Element Methods
MIME 4300 - Advanced Mechanics of Materials


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