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Main Campus
4005 Nitschke Hall MS 312
1610 N. Westwood
Toledo, OH 43606-3390
Phone: (419) 530-8210
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Faculty & Staff


Dr. Halim Ayan, Associate Professor 
PhD; Drexel University
Non-equilibrium Electric Discharges, Plasma Medicine, Plasma Physics and Application
Office: NI5027
Phone: 419-530-8126

Dr. Lesley Berhan, Associate Professor, Associate Dean of Diversity
PhD; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Materials Science, Dynamics, CAD/FEM, Advanced Mechanics of Materials

Office: NI 5004 
Phone: 419-530-8220 Email: 
Website: Click here

Dr. Sarit Bhaduri, Distinguished University Professor, Director of Multifunctional Materials Laboratory
PhD; State University of New York
Materials Science, Fracture and Fatigue, Solid State Materials, Biomaterials, Ceramics

Office: NI 4029
Phone: 419-530-8223
Website: Click here

Dr. Sorin Cioc, Clinical Assistant Professor
PhD; Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania
Thermodynamics, Conduction, Heat Transfer, Tribology

Office: NI 4051
Phone: 419-530-8228
Website: Click Here

Dr. Mohammad Elahinia, Professor and Interim Chair
Associate Department Chair and Graduate Program Director
PhD; Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
Modeling and Control of Engineering Systems, Advanced Dynamics, Advanced Vibration, Engineering Analysis of Smart Material Systems, Advanced Control Systems

Office: NI 4045
Phone: 419-530-8224
Website: Click Here

Dr. Nicoleta Ene, Lecturer

Office: NI4052
Phone: 419-530-8041

Dr. Matthew Franchetti, Associate Professor, Associate Chair and Undergraduate Program Director
PhD; The University of Toledo
Orientation, Professional Development, Statistical Quality Control, Facilities Planning, Engineering Econ., Statistical Analysis, Senior Design

Office: NI 4006-G
Phone - 419-530-8051
Website: Click Here

Dr. Mohamed Samir Hefzy, Professor and Graduate Program Director
PhD; University of Cincinnati
Orthopedic Biomechanics, Rehabilitation Engineering, Finite Element Methods

Office: NI 4056
Phone: 419-530-8234
Website: Click Here

Dr. Ray Hixon, Professor
PhD; Georgia Institute of Technology
Computational Aeroacoustics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Large-Eddy Simulations, Turbulence, Fluid-Structures Interaction, Trustworthy Computing

Office: NI 4046
Phone: 419-530-8207
Website: Click Here

Dr. Ahalapitiya Jayatissa, Professor, Director Nanotechnology & MEMS Laboratory
PhD; Shizuoka University, Japan
Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), Nanotechnology, Advanced Coating, Thin Films, Nanomaterials, Sensors, Renewable Energy

Office: NI 4049
Phone: 419-530-8245
Website: Click Here

Dr. Theo Keith, Distinguished University Professor
PhD; University of Maryland, College Park Maryland
Tribology, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, Aeroelasticity

Office: NI 4054
Phone: 419-530-8232
Website: Click Here

Dr. Ioan Marinescu, Professor
PhD; University of Galatzi, Romania
Manufacturing Processes, Grinding, Tribology, Advanced Materials, Machining of Brittle Materials

Office: NI 4037
Phone: 419-530-8226
Website: Click Here

Dr. Efstratios Nikolaidis, Professor 
PhD; The University of Michigan
Structural Dynamics, Vehicle Structural Dynamics, Engineering Design Optimization, Design, Reliability and Quality, Structures and Structural Dynamics

Office: NI 4006D
Phone: 419-530-8216
Website: Click Here

Dr. Mehdi Pourazady, Associate Professor
PhD; University of Cincinnati 
Finite Element Methods, Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing

Office: NI 4039
Phone: 419-530-8221
Website: Click Here

Dr. Reza Rizvi, Assistant Professor
PhD; University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
Materials Science, Polymers, Composite Materials, Nanomaterials, Manufacturing

Office: NI 4061
Phone: 419-530-8237
Website: Click Here

Dr. Chunhua Sheng, Professor
PhD; Mississippi State University
Computational Fluid Dynamics, Aerodynamics, Aeroelastics

Office: NI 4064
Phone: 419-530-8248

Dr. Hossein Sojoudi, Assistant Professor
PhD; Georgia Institute of Technology
Thermal-Fluid; Nanoscience & Nanoengineering; Scalable Nanomanufacturing

Office: NI 4024
Phone: 419-530-6007

Dr. Brian Trease, Assistant Professor
PhD; The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Mechanism Design, Deployable Structures, Multifunctional Materials, Optimization, Compliant Mechanisms, Spaceflight Hardware

Office: NI 4047
Phone: 419-530-8227
Website: Click Here

Dr. Hongyan Zhang, Professor
PhD; Ohio State University
Solid Mechanics, Material Forming, Welding, Mechanical Fastening, Adhesion, Manufacturing Processing

Office: NI 4031
Phone: 419-530-6019
Website: Click Here



Dr. Abdollah Afjeh, Distinguished University Professor
PhD; The University of Toledo
Fluid Dynamics, Propulsion Systems, Computational Methods, Energy Conversion Systems

Office: NI 4005
Phone: 419-530-8210 Email:
Website: Click Here

Dr. Steven Kramer, Professor Emeritus
Ph.D.; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Mechanisms, Robotics, Dynamics of Mechanical Systems

Website: Click Here

Dr. William Beans, Professor Emeritus
Ph.D.; Penn State
Gasdynamics, Combustion, Propulsion, I.C. Engines, HVAC and Energy Conversion

Dr. James Daschbach, Professor Emeritus Ph.D.; 
Productivity Management Systems, Cost Analysis, Methods Analysis, Work Design, Total Quality Management

Dr. Ali Fatemi, Professor
Ph.D.; The University of Iowa
Fatigue, Materials, Mechanical Behavior, Mechanical Design, Fracture Mechanics, Composite Materials

Office: NI4055
Phone: 419-530-8213
Website: Click Here

Dr. Duen-Ren Jeng, Professor Emeritus
Ph.D.; The University of Illinois
Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Rarefied Gas Dynamics, Biofluid Flow Dynamics

Dr. Walter Olson, Professor Emeritus Ph.D.; 
Manufacturing, Environmentally Benign Manufacturing, Manufacturing Process Innovation Laboratory, Mechatronics, Dynamics, Tribology, Systems Engineering

Website: Click Here

 Dr. Nagi Naganathan, Dean Emeritus
Ph.D.; Oklahoma State University
Smart Materials, Dynamics, Vibrations, Robotics


Dr. Phillip White, Professor
Ph.D.; Purdue University
Computer Graphics, Solid Modeling, Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing

Website: Click Here

Part-Time Faculty


Dr. Abdurasool Al-Hayani, Part-time Faculty

Office: NI 4050
Phone 419-530-

Dr. Steven Huebner, Part-time Faculty

Office: NI4036
Phone: 8233

Douglas Lewandowski, Visiting Faculty


Dr. Alex Spivak, Part-time Faculty

Office: NI 4050
Phone: 419-530-

Adam Schroeder, Visiting Assistant Professor

Office: NI 4040



Brian Combs, Laboratory Machinist I

Office: NI 1093
Phone: 419-530-8244

Julie Croy, Interim Assistant Director of Student Services
Office hours: Monday, Wednesday 9:00am - 2:00pm

Office: NI 4006E
Phone: 419-530-8270

Tim Grivanos, MIME Machinist

Office: NI 1094
Phone: 419-530-6075

John Jaegly, Laboratory Supervisor

Office: NI 1084
Phone: 419-530-8242

Kim McIntosh, Academic Resource Analyst & Assistant Manager of Senior Design Clinic

Office: NI 4004
Phone: 419-530-8037

Terry Kahle, Engineering Laboratory Assistant Manager

Office: NI1063
Phone: 419-530-8113


Debbra Kraftchick, Associate Director of Department Student Services

Office: NI 4006F
Phone: 419-530-8204

Kathryn Rose, Secretary II

Office: NI 4005
Phone: 419-530-8210
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