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Sarit Bhaduri, Ph.D.



Distinguished University Professor
Director of Multifunctional Materials Laboratory

Contact Information

Department of Mechanical, Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering Department;
Department of Surgery
Nitschke Hall 4029
2801 W. Bancroft Street, MS#312
University of Toledo
Toledo, OH 43606

Phone: (419) 530-8223
FAX: (419) 530-8206


Dr. Bhaduri earned his BS and MS degrees in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology and received his PhD from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1981.  He has held several tenured faculty positions, the last being the  George Bishop, III Endowed Chair and Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Clemson University, Clemson in South Carolina.  Currently, he holds a joint appointment with the Department of Mechanical Engineering in the College of Engineering and in the Department of Surgery in the College of Medicine at UT.


Professional Honors

  • Fellow and Life member, The American Ceramic Society.
  • Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors
  • Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering
  • Chair, Membership and Awards Committee of the Engineering Ceramic Division (ECD) of The American Ceramic Society (92-94).
  • Member, TMS -AIME.
  • Served as a professional reviewer for:
    • Journal of Materials Research
    • Metallurgical and Materials Transactions
    • Scripta Materialia
    • Acta Materialia
    • Applied Physics Letters
    • Journal of The American Ceramic Society
    • Materials Synthesis & Processing
    • Materials Processing and Fabrication
    • Journal of Materials Science
    • Materials Science and Engineering
  •  Served as a panelist and reviewer of proposals for the NSF in the following directorates:
    •  Directorate of Engineering  (CTS, CMS, DMII, EEC, and ECS).
    •  Directorate of Mathematical & Physical Science (DMR).
    •  Directorate of Human Resources.
    •   Served as a panelist (Advanced ceramics, MMC, Manufacturing, electronic/ photonic devices) for reviewing SBIR/STTR (both Phase I and Phase II) proposals.
    •  Reviewer of SBIR/STTR (both Phase I and Phase II) proposals from DOE/BES.
    •  Reviewer of proposals from AFOSR/NRC.
    •  Reviewer of proposals from ARO.
    •  Served as a panelist in NASA (Code U).
    •  Panelist in NIH ZRG1 study–section.

Research Interests

i) Processing and evaluation of biomaterials and dental materials (specifically biomimetic coatings, dental implants, scaffold for bone repairing, porcelain, cements, osteoblast interactions)

ii) Processing of nanocomposites for biomedical applications.

iii) Synthesis and densification of nanoceramics.

iv) Microwave processing of materials.

v) Fabrication and testing of ceramic/polymer nanocomposites.

vi) "Combustion Synthesis" (SHS) of borides, carbides, nitrides, aluminides, silicides, oxides, and composites thereof (including Functionally Gradient Materials).

vii) Processing of ceramic matrix composites.


1. “Manufacture of Net Shaped Metal-Ceramic Composite Engineering Components by  Self Propagating Synthesis”, US Patent No. 5,188,678,  JA Sekhar, HP Li and NC Canarslan.

2.  “Composite Electrode for Electrochemical Processing and Method for Using the Same in an Electrolytic Process for Producing Metallic Aluminum”, US Patent 5,217,583, JA Sekhar.

3.  “Process for Producing a Porous Ceramic & Porous Ceramic Composite Structure Utilizing Combustion Synthesis”, US Patent 5,279,737, JA Sekhar.

4. “Composite Article, Alloy and Method”, US Patent 5,820,707, DD Amick, JC Haygarth, and KW Storey.

5. “Microwave Sintering, Bioactive Coating by Electrodeposition and Osseointegration”, International Patent Filed, S Bhaduri, M. Kutty.

6. “Simple Conversion of Calcite (CaCO3) Powders into Macro- and Microporous Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds for Medical Applications”, US Patent filed, AC Tas.

7. "Coating of Bioinert Ceramics with Bioactive Calcium Phosphates to Use them as Load-bearing Bone Substitutes”, US Patent filed, AC Tas.


Has taught the following classes at the University of Cincinnati, the University of Idaho, and Clemson University:

  •  Solid State Materials
  •  Scanning Electron Microscopy
  •  Deformation in Materials
  •  Fracture and Fatigue
  •  Introduction to Metallurgy & Materials Science,
  •  Elements of Materials Science, Materials Processing
  •  Materials Selection & Design
  •  Fundamentals of Advanced Ceramics
  •  Advanced Mechanical Metallurgy
  •  Advanced Engineering Ceramics
  •  Introduction to Biomaterials 

Graduate Students Supported: 

  • Z.B. Qian, M.S. (Metallurgy, defended 1992) - Thesis supervisor.
  • R. Radhakrishnan, M.S. (Metallurgy, defended 1994)/Ph.D. (Metallurgy, defended 1997)- Thesis supervisor.
  • G.L. Watt, M.S. (Metallurgy, defended 1994) - Committee member.
  • M. Blau, M.S. (Metallurgy, defended 1995) - Committee member.
  • N. Mardi, M.S. (Metallurgy, defended 1995) - Committee member.
  • A.S. Kovvali, M.S. (Chemical Eng., defended 1995) - Committee member.
  • W. Zhu, Ph.D. (Metallurgy, defended 1997) - Committee member.
  • K. Storey, M.S. (Metallurgy) -Thesis supervisor.
  • Z.B. Qian, Ph.D. (Metallurgy, defended 1996) - Committee member.
  • Z. Peng, Ph.D. (Metallurgy, defended 1998) -Thesis supervisor.
  • S. Sreevatsa, M.S. (Metallurgy, defended 1998) -Thesis supervisor.
  • E. Vidal, Ph.D. (Metallurgy, defended 1998) - Committee member.
  • A. Ba-Bakr, Ph.D. (Metallurgy, defended 1998) - Committee member.
  • B. Wu, Ph.D. (Metallurgy, defended 1996) - Committee member.
  • E. Zhou, Ph.D. (Metallurgy, defended 2000) -Thesis supervisor.
  • M. Cirakoglu, Ph.D. (Materials Eng., defended 2001) -Thesis supervisor.
  • R. Kesapragada, M.S. (Materials Eng. defended 2002) - Thesis supervisor.
  • W. Windes, Ph.D. (Materials Eng., Defended 2003) -Thesis supervisor.
  • M.G. Kutty, Ph.D. (Materials Eng., Defended 2004) -Thesis supervisor.
  • J. Jokisaari, M.S. (Materials Sc. & Eng., Defended 2004) - Thesis supervisor.
  • K. Evans, M.S. (Materials Sc. & Eng., Defended 2004) - Thesis supervisor.
  • S. Jalota M.S. (Materials Sc. & Eng., Defended 2004) - Thesis supervisor.
  • Ph. D. (Materials Sc. &Eng.) -Thesis supervisor.
  • B. Kokuoz, M.S. Defended 2005, (Materials Sc. & Eng.) - Thesis supervisor.
  • Z. Guven, Ph. D. (Materials Sc. & Eng.) - Thesis supervisor.
  • T. Desai, M.S. (Materials Sc. &Eng.) -Thesis supervisor.
  • W. Wang (M.S., Materials Sc. & Eng., Defended 2004) -Committee member.
  • V.A.K. Magdala (M.S., Materials Sc. & Eng., Defended 2004) - Committee member.
  • P. Badheka  (M.S., Materials Sc. & Eng., Defended 2004) -Committee member.
  • G. Keskar (M.S., Materials Sc. & Eng., Defended 2004) - Committee member.
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