Faculty Senate

We represent the voice of the faculty

Upcoming Faculty Senate Meetings

  • Tuesday, March 13, Health Education Building, Room 103
  • Tuesday, March 27, Rocket Hall, Room 1530
  • Tuesday, April 10, Health Education Building, Room 103
  • Tuesday, April 24, Rocket Hall, Room 1530

The Faculty Senate of The University of Toledo is an elected body of the faculty, with responsibility to promote the mission, function and interests of The University of Toledo and its faculty. As such, the Faculty Senate acts as the representative voice of the faculty. The responsibilities of the Faculty Senate are outlined in its Constitution.

Meet the Executive Committee Members

Faculty Senate Executive Committee

(Pictured above from left to right)

Amy Thompson, President
Mary Humphrys, Past-President
Linda Rouillard, President-Elect
Michael Kistner, Main Campus Representative
Kristen Keith, Main Campus Representative
David Giovannucci, Health Science Campus Representative
Thomas Atwood, OFC Representative
Frederick Williams, Executive Secretary
Jeffrey Hammersley, Health Science Campus Representative (not pictured)

complete List of Members

Last Updated: 3/8/18