College of Health and Human Services

Placement Testing

You will need to know your ACT/SAT scores to determine which placement tests you need. If you do not know your ACT scores, visit               

If you did not take chemistry in high school, there is no need for chemistry placement testing.               

School of Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences

  Chemistry ALEKS Math
 Exercise Science **Yes, ALEKS Chemistry

*Yes, if ACT Math < 20

*Yes, if ACT Math >=27

 Recreation Therapy No *Yes, if ACT Math < 20 and pre-OT 
 Respiratory Care

***Yes, CHEM 1120 Test

If pre-med, take ALEKS Chemistry

*Yes, if ACT Math < 20

 School of Intervention and Wellness

  Chemistry ALEKS Math
 Speech-Language Pathology No *Yes, if ACT math < 20  

 School of Population Health

  Chemistry ALEKS Math
 Health Care Administration No  *Yes, if ACT Math < 22
 Health Information Administration No  *Yes, if ACT Math < 20
 Public Health **If pre-med, take ALEKS Chemistry  *Yes, if ACT Math < 20 and pre-med  

 School of Social Justice 

  Chemistry ALEKS math  
 Criminal Justice No No
 Paralegal Studies No No
 Social Work No No

 *ALEKS Math Placement Test: All students needing math placement testing are strongly advised to take the online ALEKS test to allow appropriate math placement. There is a nominal cost to register for ALEKS, which includes online tutorials to improve your knowledge and the opportunity to retake the test to improve your math placement. If the end result is a higher math placement, it is well worth the nominal cost. Information about ALEKS can be found here.               

**ALEKS Chemistry Placement Test: Take the ALEKS chemistry placement test.  Exceptions occur if you have an AP Chemistry score of 3 or higher and/or transfer credit equivalent to CHEM 1090 or CHEM 1230 at UT.               

Details of the two available tests for CHEM 1230 are described in a handout found HERE

There is no fee for the ALEKS Chemistry Placement Test. After reading the Chemistry Placement test document and reviewing your chemistry knowledge, if you wish to take the ALEKS Chemistry Placement Exam, click on BEGIN.

***CHEM 1120 Placement Test: Respiratory care majors take the CHEM 1120 placement exam.  Exceptions occur if you have transfer credit equivalent for CHEM 1110 or 1120 at UT.                

If you are pre-med respiratory care, take the ALEKS Chemistry Placement Test.  You will complete a different chemistry sequence to fulfill medical school requirements.               

The placement exam for CHEM 1120 is offered only at the Main Campus Testing Center in Memorial Field House. The exam, which is taken on a special, locked-down browser, consists of 60 multiple-choice questions that test your knowledge in basic algebra and high-school chemistry. You will have 55 minutes to take this exam, and you may use a non-programmable scientific calculator (provided through the online exam) and scratch paper. There is no fee to take this exam, but you can take the exam only one time. Sample questions can be found here:

Scoring for the Exam: Your score on the exam is based on the number of questions scored correct (out of 100%)               

  • If you score 55% or higher, you will be taking CHEM 1120.
  • If you score between 50 – 55%, you are STRONGLY URGED to take CHEM 1110 to strengthen your chemistry skills before taking CHEM 1120.                  
  • If you score below 49%, you will be taking CHEM 1110.

If you have any questions about the exam, or your score interpretation, please contact Prof. Jim Zubricky at               

If you have any questions about placement testing, email

Last Updated: 7/25/17