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Placement Testing

You will need to know your ACT/SAT scores to determine which placement tests you need. If you do not know your ACT scores, visit

Criminal Justice, Paralegal Studies, and Social Work: no placement tests needed.          


All students needing math placement testing are strongly advised to take the online ALEKS test to allow appropriate math placement. The ALEKS Math Placement Test fee is $20, payable to ALEKS. This includes online tutorials to refresh your knowledge and the opportunity to retake the test to improve your math placement. If the end result is a higher math placement, it is well worth the nominal cost. Information about ALEKS can be found here.     

Exercise Science:

  • For placement into MATH 1320 (College Algebra): ALEKS required if ACT Math is below 20 or SAT Math is below 510.
  • For placement into MATH 1340 (College Algebra and Trigonometry): if ACT Math is 24+ or SAT Math is 580+ and previous trigonometry, ALEKS required. Otherwise, student will start in MATH 1320.

Health Care Administration: ALEKS required if ACT Math is below 24 or SAT Math is below 580.

Health Information Administration, Public Health (pre-med only), Recreation Therapy (pre-OT only), Respiratory Care, Speech-Language Pathology: ALEKS required if ACT Math is below 20 or SAT Math is below 510.

chemistry PLACEMENT:               

All Exercise Science concentrations and Public Health pre-med: ALEKS Chemistry is required if you took chemistry in high school.

Respiratory Care: Health Sciences Chemistry Placement Exam is required if you took chemistry in high school. 

  • This test is only available in-person at the Main Campus Test Center (Memorial Field House 1080, 419.530.2011) and there is no fee.  It determines placement into CHEM 1120, Chemistry for Health Sciences, a course that presumes one year of high school chemistry and two years of high school algebra.
  • A score of 32 out of 60 will place you into CHEM 1120.  Scores below 32 place you into CHEM 1110, Elementary Chemistry for Health Sciences, which must be successfully completed with a minimum C grade before taking CHEM 1120.  In general you should take CHEM 1110 before 1120.
  • ALEKS Chemistry cannot be used for this major unless you are planning to pursue pre-med or pre-PA with the respiratory care program.

  If you have any questions about placement testing, email

Last Updated: 7/2/19