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Email FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

    1. Welcome to Office 365
      Faculty, Staff and Students can find the download and install guide for Microsoft Office 365 by visiting The University of Toledo Portal at To log onto Office 365 email at and selecting the UT Office 365 Email.  Faculty, Staff and Students do not need to download anything from the Microsoft web site. For more information on Office 365 please visit Welcome to Outlook on the Web.

    2. How do I log onto my O365 Services?
      Log onto O365 services by typing your ( Microsoft will redirect your account to the University of Toledo login; you will type in your and password.

    3. What is changing?
      The University of Toledo is increasing Faculty, Staff, and Student mailbox size between 50GB - 100GB (gigabytes) storage capacity. This is made possible by Microsoft through an agreement signed by The University of Toledo and Microsoft to utilize Microsoft Office 365.

    4. Who will be offered the new O365 email system?
      The new O365 email system is offered to Faculty, Staff and Students. The email system upgrade from Exchange On Campus servers to Office 365 servers is currently in progress.

    5. How much mailbox space will O365 mailbox have?
      Your mailbox will have between 50GB - 100GB (gigabytes) of storage capacity  and a maximum individual message size of 25 megabytes.

    6. How do I set up my smart phone device with O365 or Exchange mailbox?
      You can find instructions on how to configure your smart phone device with the O365 mailbox at

    7. Will my email address change?
      Faculty and Staff will have Students will have

    8. How do I reset my password?
      Please visit to change your password. If your mailbox has been migrated to the O365 mail server, you will not need to reset your password.

    9. What web browsers are supported by the new O365 email system?
      Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox are all supported.

    10. Will I get to keep my mailbox after I leave the university as a Faculty, Staff, or Student?
      After a Student graduates as an alumnus, you will retain your email address. Please note: The University of Toledo reserves the right to remove your Office 365 mailbox if your UTAD password is not kept up to date and has expired. Since logging into your mailbox requires your UTAD user ID and password, UT assumes that you are no longer using your mailbox and may be deleted. Under the terms of agreement entered into by The University of Toledo and Microsoft your email address will not be shared, marketed or sold and your emails will not be mined, however, Microsoft "may" send ONLY Microsoft related product information to you.  Faculty and Staff members who are no longer employed will no longer be able to gain access to their mailbox, with the exception of retired employees with 10 or more years of service may keep access to their mailbox.

    11. How can I get help with the Exchange mailbox or O365 mailbox and features?
      You can visit the SharePoint site for IT Help Documents at

    12. I forward my UT email to another email system. How can I continue to do this with the new email system?
      If you are currently an employee of The University of Toledo (which includes Student Workers, Graduate Assistants, Contractors, Ect. ) forwarding email to a 3rd party email system is strictly prohibited by The University of Toledo Electronic Mail Services Policy (Policy 3364-65-07). Your email contents will be treated as private under the Responsible Use Policy, State and Federal applicable laws. For more details please visit As for students, while we cannot test and verify every email provider, most email systems allow for inbox content download.

    13. Will I be able to share my mailbox/calendar with a Faculty, Staff, or Student who has an Exchange mailbox if I have an O365 mailbox?
      You will not be able to share your mailbox/calendar to another Faculty, Staff, or Student if you have an O365 and they have an Exchange mailbox. Both users will need to be on the same mailbox server. For assistance, please contact The University of Toledo IT Department Help Desk Line at 419-530-2400, 419-383-2400, or

    14. I am a new/transfer student and I am registered for the next semester, will I be able to download Microsoft Office?
      Incoming students will be able to download Microsoft Office through UT's Portal two weeks prior to the start of the next semester at

    15. If I'm a UT employee and also a student, do I get two mailboxes?
      Due to new features coming for Faculty, Staff and Students, we are working to combine users with two mailboxes down to one. Please contact The University of Toledo IT Department Help Desk Line at 419-530-2400, 419-383-2400, or

    16. Can I use Outlook 2010/2013/2016 or Outlook 2011/2016 for Mac to access my Ut Office 365 account?
      Outlook 2010/2013 (PC) and Outlook 2011/2016 (Mac) are the supported clients to connect to Office 365.

    17. How do I set up Outlook 2010/2013/2016 (PC) Outlook  2011/2016 (Mac) to connect to my account using the Exchange server settings?
      To set up your Outlook client to connect in to your O365 account using the Exchange server settings visit this link for step by step instructions with screenshots.

    18. My Exchange On Premise mailbox is full, what can I do to lower the capacity?
      Delete or archive items that are over a year old, be sure to check all sub folders that have been created. Emails with large files need to be archived or deleted. Check sent, deleted, and RSS Feeds folder.

    19. Do I get to download Office 365 ProPlus on my personal device?
      If you are a Full-Time or Part-Time UT Faculty/Staff Member or a student that is currently registered for the current semester you can download a copy of Office 365 ProPlus software to install on five (5) personal devices (Desktop/Laptop) and 5 mobile devices (Smart phone or tablet). Download/Install instructions for Office365We are sorry, but due to licensing restrictions, Affiliates, Volunteers, and Retirees are unable to take advantage of this benefit.

    20. How long will Microsoft Office remain free for me?
      For Students, as long as you are registered for a major semester (Fall and/or Spring), the license for your Microsoft Office product will remain active. After you become an Alumni or an inactive student, the Microsoft Office product will remain active for 1 additional semester. For Faculty and Staff, when your employment ends, your Microsoft Office product will deactivate.

    21. My mailbox is going to be migrated from Exchange On Campus to the Office 365 and I use Skype for Business or the Lync Client, what should I do? On the day of your migration, you may continue to access your mailbox normally and once the migration is complete, Outlook will pop-up a message to tell you "Your administrator has made a change that requires you to restart Outlook". Exit out of Skype or Lync prior to restarting Outlook. You must exit out by going to the lower task bar on the desktop, right click and select Exit. Selecting the top right X on the program does not exit out, it only minimizes it.


Last Updated: 10/19/17