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History looks at the variety of human experiences among groups and individuals
in diverse cultures, geographies, and throughout time.  In the Department of
History, students are offered the opportunity to work in the classroom and with
individual faculty to explore the complexity of history in a variety of fields.  In
addition to increasing our understanding of the present, history provides a guide
for the future through the exploration of past events.

Our undergraduate courses range from the general to those that explore topics
in greater detail and provide value through experience in research, interpretation,
and writing.  Graduate students work closely with faculty in a collegial setting
which places a high priority on individual studies and teaching experience.


Are you looking for history classes to take during the
Summer 2015 semester?  Click on the link below to look at
our schedule:
    Summer Schedule 2015

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 Advisors for Undergraduate
Majors and Minors

  Dr. Todd Michney
  Office:  University Hall 5210-G
  Phone:  419-530-4719
  Email: todd.michney@utoledo.edu

  Dr. Robert McCollough
  Office:  University Hall 5210-M
  Phone:  419-530-4537
  Email:  robert.mccollough@utoledo.edu

 Advisor for Graduate
 History Majors

  Dr. Roberto Padilla
  Office:  University Hall 5320
  Phone:  419-530-4538
  Email: roberto.padillaii@gmail.com


Are you interested in supporting History Department events and activities? Consider giving to the Progress Fund. These funds help us bring speakers, events, and activities to students, faculty, and our history community. We thank you in advance for any support you can offer. 










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