Divisions: Genetics

The genetics elective is a comprehensive rotation in the Genetics Division available to all third year residents. During this rotation, residents participate in genetics clinics at Toledo Children's Hospital as well as all outreach clinics held during the rotation. Residents also participate in laboratory sessions in the Cytogenetics Laboratory and the DNA/Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory at The University of Toledo. 

Outreach locations are St. Rita's Medical Center in Lima, Ohio; Defiance County Health Department in Defiance, Ohio; Seneca County Health Department in Tiffin, Ohio; Wood County Health Department in Bowling Green, Ohio; Firelands Regional Medical Center in Sandusky, Ohio; Northwest Ohio Developmental Center in Toledo, Ohio, and the Familial Cancer Clinic and the University of Toledo Medical Center Cancer Institute on the Health Science campus.

In addition to required readings, residents research and write five case studies utilizing computer database diagnostic software and related websites. To determine rotation effectiveness and individual competency, residents take a rotation pre- and post test as well as a general genetics knowledge exam at the end of the rotation.


Jirair Bedoyan, MD, PhD

Aditi Parikh, MD

Lori Maier, MS, CGC, Sr. Genetic Counselor

vacant position, Genetic Counselor 


Last Updated: 7/11/17