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HSC Student Organization Forms

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 Officer Training Resources
Mandatory Officer Training Presentation 8/20/14
Business Meetings (Minimum of two meetings per semester required)
  • Check the Events Calendarto see if the time and room is available.
  • Submit an Event Request Form (check "Business Meeting" as type of event) to schedule a room.
  • Submit Business Meeting Minutes within 2 weeks of meeting.  You may email minutes as a Word document OR submit via online form.
Event and Fundraising Planning
  • Complete and submit an Event Request Form (check appropriate type of event/fundraiser).
  • When selecting a date for the event, please check the Events Calendar first.
  • Risk Assessment Form must be submitted with the Event Request Form.
  • When ordering food for the event, remember to give 3-5 day notice to the company you are ordering food from for large numbers and 2 weeks notice to OSL for approval for funds.
  • Must have an established University of Toledo Foundation Account (requires $100 minimum).
  • Complete a Deposit Form.
  • Submit Deposit Form along with attached description of fundraiser (flyer, meeting minutes, etc.).
  • Checks and Credit Cards accepted.  Cash deposits are discouraged.  Fee will be assessed to account for credit card processing.
  • Must include all original receipts with reimbursement form.
  • For educational events, must include sign in/attendance sheet.
  • Paying from UT Foundation:   Download Event/Program Reimbursement Form.
  • Paying from State Funds Provided by OSA for Educational Events: Electronic Employee Travel and Reimbursement Form: Please contact OSA for instructions.
  • If using a vendor that invoices directly, must return the receipt with the sign in sheet (including title and date of event).
Conference Travel
  • Student Organizations may cover travel through their UT Foundation or other discretionary funds.
  • Discuss the travel at a business meeting and submit meeting minutes, along with the following:
    • Submit a Travel Request Format least 6 weeks in advance.
    • Email a Letter of Intent  (as a Word document) for every student explaining why they wish to attend and how they will benefit.
    • Submit a General Waiver of liability.
  • For reimbursement, submit a Student Travel Reimbursement Formwithin 10 days of travel along with all receipts, and from each attendee proof of attendance from the conference and a statement of what he/she learned from the conference - 
  • Elections should be held in March but no later than the end of April, and elections for 1st year positions by the end of October.
  • When selecting a date for the elections, please first check the Events Calendar.
  • Only members on the organization's roster on file are allowed to vote on written ballots.
  • Students must be in good academic standings in order to be eligible for an officer position
  • Within 24 hours of the election, submit elected officers along with their email and position to  HSCStudentOrganizations@UToledo.Edu
Annual Report, Membership and Constitution/Bylaws
Petition for New HSC Student Organization
Student Organization Handbook
  • The Student Organization Handbook is the one-stop resource for new officers and organizations.
  • When any information conflicts with the student handbook, the student handbook takes precedence.

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