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HSC Student Organization Forms

Note: If you are looking for other Student Affairs forms (e.g., preclinical excused absence, leave of absence request, clerkship modification) please click here.

 Officer Training Resources
Mandatory Officer Training Presentation 8/27/15
Business Meetings (Minimum of two meetings per semester required)
  • Check the Events Calendarto see if the time and room is available.
  • Submit an Event Request Form (check "Business Meeting" as type of event) to schedule a room.
  • Submit Business Meeting Minutes within 2 weeks of meeting.  You may email minutes as a Word document.
Event and Fundraising Planning
  • Complete and submit an Event Request Form (check appropriate type of event/fundraiser).
  • When selecting a date for the event, please check the Events Calendar first.
  • Risk Assessment Form must be submitted with the Event Request Form.
  • When ordering food for the event, remember to give 3-5 day notice to the company you are ordering food from for large numbers and 2 weeks notice to OSL for approval for funds.
  • Must have an established University of Toledo Foundation Account (requires $100 minimum).
  • Complete a Deposit Form and submit to the Treasurer of Organization
  • Submit Deposit Form along with attached description of fundraiser (flyer, meeting minutes, etc.).
  • Donations require one deposit form completed for each donation.
  • Checks and Credit Cards accepted.  Cash deposits are discouraged.  Fee will be assessed to account for credit card processing.

For educational events, must include sign in/attendance sheet.

Paying from UT Foundation:

  • Complete an Event/Program Reimbursement Form  and submit with original receipt and attendance sign in sheet to Treasurer of Organization.
  • Treasurer must complete a UT Foundation Disbursement Request and submit to Office of Student Affairs with the documentation listed above.
  • Treasurer is responsible for tracking expenditures and deposits.

If funding is being provided by the Office of Student Affairs for an Educational Event, food orders are required using PCard.  Please email with details of order (phone, contact, delivery info and count).  You must submit the original receipt (usually given at time of delivery) and attendance list with the name of the event, organization at date at the top. MUST BE SUBMITTED WITHIN 5 DAYS OF THE EVENT.

Conference Travel
  • Student Organizations may cover travel through their UT Foundation or other discretionary funds.
  • Discuss the travel at a business meeting and submit meeting minutes, along with the following:
    • Submit a Travel Request Form at least 6 weeks in advance.
    • Email a Letter of Intent  (as a Word document) for every student explaining why they wish to attend and how they will benefit.
    • Submit a General Waiver of liability.
  • For reimbursement, submit a Student Travel Reimbursement Form within 10 days of travel along with all receipts, and from each attendee proof of attendance from the conference and a statement of what he/she learned from the conference - 
  • Elections should be held in March but no later than the end of April, and elections for 1st year positions by the end of October.
  • When selecting a date for the elections, please first check the Events Calendar.
  • Only members on the organization's roster on file are allowed to vote on written ballots.
  • Students must be in good academic standings in order to be eligible for an officer position
  • Within 24 hours of the election, submit elected officers along with their email and position to  HSCStudentOrganizations@UToledo.Edu
Annual Report, Membership and Constitution/Bylaws
Petition for New HSC Student Organization
Student Organization Handbook
  • The Student Organization Handbook is the one-stop resource for new officers and organizations.
  • When any information conflicts with the student handbook, the student handbook takes precedence.

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