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50th Anniversary of Chemistry PhD Program

The department of Chemistry and Biochemistry is celebrating 50 years of a vibrant PhD program!

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Toledo offers both undergraduate and graduate programs for students with a passion for understanding the chemistry of the world around them. These programs include Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees in both Chemistry and Biochemistry as well as Masters and Doctoral programs.

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Departmental News


Congratulations are in order for Drs. John Bellizzi and Joe Schmidt for garnering the University of Toledo's Edith Rathbun Outreach and Engagement Excellence Award.  Over the years, they have captured the attention of numerous science-orientated people for their Saturday Morning Science Seminar Series which has featured some of today's most interesting scientists and the alike.


Employment Opportunity:  Assistant Lecturer, Chemistry and Biochemistry 

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at The University of Toledo invites applications for an open Assistant Lecturer position to teach undergraduate lecture and laboratory courses primarily in the first and second year chemistry program covering topics in general and organic chemistry.


Scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students! 
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Warmest Wishes to all for 2019!


Congratulations to Emanuela Gionfriddo on receiving the “Excellence in Sample Prep” best poster award at the North American Chemical Residue Workshop (NACRW2018) in Naples, Florida.  The award is sponsored by United Chemical Technologies.


At the 2018 International Symposium on Advances in Extraction Technologies (ExTech) in Ames, IA, Professor Emanuela Gionfriddo received the Young Author Prize.  This prize was awarded for her outstanding oral research presentation.  In addition to the award, Dr. Gionfriddo will received a travel stipend to attend the 2019 ExTech Symposium.


Steve Sucheck  is part of a collaborative team that received NIH funding for an R21 project titled Synthesis of Natural Product Scaffold Selectively Active Against Dormant Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.  Professor Kyle Rohde at the University of Central Florida and Sucheck are Co-PIs on the grant.


Don Ronning's and Steve Sucheck's NIH R01 funded project Mycobacterial Trehalose Metabolism as Drug Targets was renewed for 5 years (2018-2023).  Congratulations for this major grant to fight tuberculosis.


Congratulations to Drs. Tim Mueser and Amanda Bryant-Friedrich (Joint Appointed Faculty) on their promotions to rank of Full Professor.


Andy Jorgensen’s class CHEM 4210/6210/8210: Environmental Chemistry received Quality Matters (QM) recognition with a near perfect score.


Daniel Liu received High Honors in the National Chemistry Olympiad Competition for being in the top 50 students nationally.


Jon Kirchhoff and Dragan Isailovic were awarded a UT URFO STEM Innovation Proposal for their project New Materials for the Detection, Analysis, and Removal of Cyanotoxins.


Dr. Jianglong Zhu who received the 2017 T. Ogawa Young Investigator Award from the Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry for his excellent recent publications and contributions to carbohydrate chemistry.


Dr. Amy P. Toole, Assistant Lecturer and Dr. Darpandeep Aulakh, Scientific Instrumentation Specialist.  Dr. Toole will begin her appointment in August, while Dr. Aulakh will join the department on June 18.


The following seven undergraduate students received University of Toledo USRCAP Awards to perform research in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in summer 2018.  The mentors are in parentheses.  Two additional students received awards but declined to pursue opportunities at other universities. 

  1. Kern Baxter                           (Michael Young)
  2. Evan Diemler                         (Michael Young)
  3. Zehra Fasih                            (Ajith Karunarathne)
  4. John Kennedy                        (Michael Young)
  5. Kyle Meyer                             (Steven Sucheck)
  6. Natalie Schulte                      (Steven Sucheck)
  7. Michaelangelo  Zullo              (Steven Sucheck)

At the 2018 Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Honors Tea 16 undergraduate and graduate students received awards for outstanding achievement in chemistry and biochemistry classes, research and teaching.  In addition, 13 students received scholarships for 2018-2019.  Jennifer Kim, received the award as the Outstanding Graduating Senior.


Tim Mueser received a UT URFO Small Grant Support Award of $950.


Steven Sucheck received funding from the deArce-Koch Memorial Fund for his project Probes for Chemical Proteomics in M. Tuberculosis and M. Abscessus.


Steven Sucheck (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry) and Kathy Wall’s (Department of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry) collaborative research project utilizing cancer vaccines to enhance the immune system was featured in The Toledo Blade.


Celine Schreidah, a senior biochemistry major, received a $1,000 scholarship from the University Women's Commission for her academic achievement, support of women's and gender issues and campus involvement.


Sylvania Northview High School student, Nora Kaushy Gera, who performed research in the UT laboratory of Dr. Ajith Karunarathne, received a Department of Defense Medal for her 3rd place finish at the National Jr Science and Humanities Symposium in Hunt Valley, MD from May 2-5, 2018.


Congratulations to:

Lisa Zhurova  for receiving Quality Matters (QM) recognition for her distance learning version of Chem 1090: Elementary Chemistry 

Claire Cohen-Fray who competed in and completed the Boston Marathon in 3:42:22 in brutal weather conditions.  

Don Ronning and Kristin Kirschbaum are two of 26 UT faculty and staff being recognized by President Gaber for outstanding contributions to University scholarship and creative activity during 2015-2017.


Congratulations to Mike Young and Steve Sucheck for receiving travel support from the Foy & Phyllis Penn Kohler Fund for International Studies for their upcoming travel to international scientific meetings.


Joe Schmidt (Fall and Spring) and Xiche Hu (Fall) on the approval of their sabbatical applications for the next academic year.


Congratulations to Dr. Dragan Isailovic for being a co-PI on four 2-year grants from the Ohio Department of Higher Education (ODHE) related to studies on microcystin with colleagues on UT's Medical Campus.

Effects of inflammatory bowel disease on susceptibility to microcystin-LR, PI: S. Haller, Co-PIs: D. Kennedy, B. Levinson, D. Isailovic and T. Blomquist

High-throughput analysis of human toxicity and therapeutic targets for cyanotoxins across organ systems in health and disease, PI: D. Kennedy, Co-PIs: S. Haller, J. Willey, D. Isailovic and T. Blomquist

Novel therapies for microcystin induced hepatoxicity in pre-existing liver disease, PI: D. Kennedy, Co-PIs: S. Haller, B. Levison, D. Isailovic and T. Blomquist

Testing and optimization of microcystin detoxifying water biofilters, PI: J. Huntley, Co-PI: D. Isailovic


Congratulations to our joint faculty member, Dr. Viranga Tillekeratne on the funding of his 3-year NIH R15 proposal titled:  "Novel Small Molecule Ferroptotic Compounds to Target Mesenchymal Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Stem Cells.  co-PIs also include: 1) Dr. Bill Taylor of Biological Sciences and 2) Dr. Dragan Isailovic in Chemistry and Biochemistry.


Congratulations to Laura Skebba who graduated in December as the first graduate with a Professional Science Masters Degree in Green Chemistry and Engineering.  See Laura's story here on YouTube!

Last Updated: 4/24/19