College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

NSM Instructional and Research Computing (NSMIRC)

2012 Summary of Acquisitions and Achievements

I.  Instructional Lab Refreshes

NSMIRC refreshes approximately one-third of the instructional lab computer systems each year.  In 2012 over 225 computer systems were refreshed in five labs, and added one new lab.

  • Biological Sciences
    • (68) Desktop computers for five instructional labs
  • Environmental Sciences
    • (25) Laptops for instructional mobile cart
  • Mathematics and Statistics
    • (28) Desktop computers for "new" Linux instructional lab
    • (48) Laptops for Mathematics lab in the Memorial Field House 1240  
    • (48) Laptops for Mathematics lab in the Memorial Field House 1920 
  • Physics and Astronomy
    • (8) Laptops for "new" instructional lab

II.  Research Computing

NMSIRC provides support for research computing for the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.  In 2012 the college hired Jason Bolbach, a high performance/research computing specialist to provide support for researchers.  Below are a few of the major projects completed in 2012.

  • Physics and Astronomy -- Beowulf cluster upgrade
    • Added (30) Core2 Dell 755 computers to replace aging Pentium 4 machines
  • College-wide research lab equipment refresh
    • Replaced aging research lab computers attached to various types of equipment with outgoing instructional lab computers
  • Biological Sciences -- Spec’d and deployed storage server for Dr. Tomer Avidor-Reiss
  • Mathematics -- Spec’d and deployed Linux server, replaced 15 yr. old server

III.  Classroom and Instructional Lab Updates/Renovations

NSMIRC provides full service and support for all of the instructional computer labs, classroom, and teaching labs.  In 2012 repairs and renovations were underway and completed, providing state-of-the-art mediation, video-conferencing, and lecture capturing systems throughout the college.

  • Mathematics University Hall 1000C
    • Recommended and supervised repairs to several leaks in ceiling, which caused damage to computers, furniture, and carpet. Restoration began in September of 2012 and completed in December of 2012, reopening for the spring 2013 semester
  • Environmental Sciences
    • Mediation for classrooms, conference rooms, and labs in south-west Bowman Oddy (floors 1,2, and 3)
  • Physics and Astronomy McMaster Hall 4009 
    • HD wide screen projector and screen upgrade
  • Biological Sciences BO 1099
    • Lecture capture equipment for “Blended Learning” 

 IV. 2012 Special Requests 

Each fall and spring the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics receives requests for instructional equipment aside from of the teaching labs refreshes mentioned above.  These requests are for specialized, discipline specific instructional equipment and software.  The NSMIRC staff provides consulting, specifications, acquisition, installation, and full support for all discipline specific instructional equipment and software acquired each fall and spring, referred to as "Special Requests".

  • Environmental Sciences 
    • (22) Garmin etrex HC GPS units 
    • (12) MacBook laptops for classroom cart 
    • (2) HP Linux servers to run Gaussian/organic chemistry
  • Mathematics
    • Linux server with ups to replace aging Sun server  
    • (12) Wacom tablets and headsets
  • Chemistry
    • Computer-controlled electrochemical analyzer for analytical chemistry
    • (8) Dell Latitude E5420 laptops for the inclusion of molecular modeling projects in organic and physical chemistry courses 
    • HP Servers for Organic Chemistry
    • HP tablets for Chemistry
  • Biological Sciences
    • LED TV for Biology teaching lab WO1212
  • Physics and Astronomy
    • High Definition Wide-Screen projector and screen, MH 4009
    • Enhancements for undergraduate labs in Physics
    • Upgrade to lecture capture system, MH 1005

V.  Software Renewals And Acquisitions 

NSMIRC provides full support for all software, research and instructional for the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.  In 2012, over sixteen different discipline specific software packages were acquired or renewed.

  • ChemBIO 3D
  • Ecobeaker
  • Maple
  • Minitab
  • Matlab
  • SAS
  • Maple TA
  • GoToMeeting
  • Mathematica
  • 10.Stella
  • 11.MathCAD
  • 12.Spartan
  • 13.SAS for Linux
  • 14.Gaussian
  • 15.Spoon Deployment Suite
  • 16.MatLab toolboxes

VI.  Human Resources – Staff Hiring

In 2012 the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics hired two Software Specialist to support all instructional and research computing in the college.

  • Michael Thompson – Software Specialist
  • Jason Bolbach – Software Specialist/Unix-Linux




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