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Earth Surface Processes: Curricula

Physical Track Environmental Track

Core Courses

Glacial Geology (Es)

Environmental Geochemistry (Of)

Quaternary Geology (Os) Hydrogeology (F)
Glacial Stratigraphy and Geophysics (F) Soils (Ef)

Digital Field Mapping (S)

Digital Field Mapping (S)

Hydrogeology (F) Glacial Geology (Es)
Soils (Ef) Quaternary Geology (Os)

Environmental Geochemistry (Of)

Glacial Stratigraphy and Geophysics (F)

General Electives (both tracks)

Hazardous Waste Management (F)
Applied Hydrogeology (field) (F)
Biostatistics (lab) (F)
Environmental Microbiology (S)
Oceanography/Marine Environments (S)
Spreadsheet Programming (lab) (S)
Environmental Geophysics (Ef)
Bioremediation (Ef)
Stratigraphy (Ef)
Soil Ecology (Os)
Multivariate Geostatistics (Os)
Biogeochemistry (lab) (Es)
Semester Key

(S): Spring semester, every year

(F): Fall Semester, every year
(Es): Even years, spring semesters
(Ef): Even years, fall semesters
(Os): Odd years, spring semesters

(Of): Odd years, fall semesters


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