The UT Outdoor Classroom Garden

Classes Associated with the Garden


ART 3060: The Art of Place



CIVE 6900/8900 Sustainability Engineerin



ENGL 1140: Writing the Community

ENGL 2960: Organizational Report Writing


Environmental Sciences

ARS 1000: Orientation for Environmental Majors
EEES 1140: Environmental Problems Laboratory
EEES 1160: Plants and Society
EEES 2160: Biodiversity Laboratory
EEES 3050: Ecology Laboratory
EEES 4710/5710/7710: Agroecology
EEES 4940: Internship


Recreational Therapy

RCRT 4610/5610 Horticulture Therapy Intervention

RCRT 4840 Clinical in Pediatrics



IDS 2010: Introduction to Sustainability


Women’s and Gender Studies

WGST 3010: Women and Food

WGST 4980: Ecofeminism

Last Updated: 6/9/16