School of Green Chemistry and Engineering

Undergraduate Programs

The School of Green Chemistry and Engineering is currently completing details and the university approval processes for the following undergraduate programs:

Minor in Green Chemistry and Engineering

Accelerated B.S./M.S. Degree Option in Green Chemistry and Engineering

Program descriptions and detailed course requirements will be posted at this site in the spring of 2016.  Descriptions for new courses on Green ChemistryEnvironmental Chemistry, and Green Engineering Principles for Chemical Processes are provided below with links to representative syllabi.  The courses on Green Chemistry and Green Engineering Principles are offered every fall semester and Environmental Chemistry is offered every spring.  It is anticipated that Green Chemistry will be offered in a distance learning format in the fall of 2016 for non-UT students enrolled at regional colleges and universities.

The aproach for the new academic programs of the SGCE includes incorporating concepts and examples of green chemistry and green engineering in existing coursework, such as General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry lectures and labs.  This incorporation is ongoing and will continue through 2015-16 and 2016-17.  The SGCE is also incorporating concepts of toxicology, biodegradation, fate of chemicals in the environment, pertinent business principles, and coop/internship opportunities into the new academic programs.  Interested students should check this site for updates by December 1, 2015.

Course Descriptions

Green Chemistry (CHEM 4200/4980:   3 credit hours)
Advanced topics in green chemistry, including industrial applications, atom economy, safer solvent substitutions, alternatives assessment, green metrics (PMI, E-factor), basic life cycle analysis, and an introduction to chemical toxicology.  (Syllabus)

Environmental Chemistry  (CHEM 4210/4980:  3 credit hours)
This course will focus on the chemistry of air, water, and soil with specific emphasis on the effects of human-made chemical products and by-products on the environment. Connections with green chemistry will be highlighted.  (Syllabus)

Green Engineering Principles for Chemical Processes (CHEE 4010:  3 credit hours)
The principles of chemical process analysis and design are introduced for the development of green engineering processes. Common components of chemical processes are reviewed and quantitative analyses of process performance and economics developed. The impact of design variables on materials and energy usage is demonstrated.



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