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Vehicle Rental

We are seeing an increase in damaged rental vehicles whereby the renter did not identify and document damages prior to taking procession of the vehicle. 

Please ask your staff to thoroughly inspect and document every little ding, scratch, scuff mark, dent, scrape, paint chip, crack, etc. on every inch of the vehicle no matter how minor it may seem. 

If the damage is not documented prior to leaving the lot, we have no evidence to support the damage existed previously.  Careful inspection and documentation will help to reduce the risk of the University being charged for damages which may not have been caused by our drivers.

Thank you for your assistance in our efforts to reduce damage-related costs.

Rental Car Procedures

Follow Driver and Fleet Safety Policy

All drivers (faculty, staff, students) must complete the Driver Record Application and return to Risk Management Department

Once approved, drivers must complete Defensive Driving Training

Rental may be obtained through Enterprise under IUC contract (insurance included).
For detailed information and contract number for Vehicle Rental click here

Information on rental car contract on purchasing website: Vehicle Rental Information




Last Updated: 11/9/16