UT Professional Staff Association

History of the UT Professional Staff Association

Former UT President Horton
formally recognized the PSA
in 1992 after encouraging
its development.

President McComas created the Administrative Appeals group in 1985 to establish hearing grievance procedures for the professional staff.

In 1991, President Horton expressed a desire to enhance and restructure this group for the purpose of creating an organization that would serve as a sounding board for ideas, a pool of resources and act as a conduit to enhance two-way communication.

Professional staff members, who were eager to serve in an advisory capacity to the President and to assist him when requested, welcomed the concept. Members also appreciated the formal recognition of this constituency, which was comprised of program coordinators, directors, managers, vice-presidents, deans, executive secretaries and supervisors.

By1992 the group was officially recognized by the University, given the title of the Professional Staff Association and had elected a governing Council. Two Council members were Presidential appointees. Members began to take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the Association to network with colleagues, to engage in sharing ideas, and to offer solutions to concerns.

PSA Accomplishments include:

  • Designed and implemented the Performance Management Plan (PMP) and associated training for PSA (1995)
  • Revised the PMP (1998)
  • Created a resolution procedure for PSA members (1995)
  • Created the Professional Staff Sick Leave Bank (1996)
  • Created a Flexible benefits spending plan (1996)
  • Created annual PSA Outstanding Staff awards, nomination and selection procedures (1997)
  • Created a Professional Staff Handbook (1993, approved)
  • Revised the Professional Staff Handbook (1995, approved)
  • Revised the Professional Staff Handbook (1997)
  • Created The Link, a Newsletter for members
  • Became a participant of the nationwide Partners in Education program with Old West End Junior High(1996)
  • Utilizing feedback received from numerous professional staff, submitted “Transition Recommendations” to the President to aid the University through the process of change and restructuring (1999)
  • Created and published the first informational webpage for PSA members (1999)
  • Revised bylaws to reflect the reorganization of the University
  • The number of PSA unit representatives increased in response to the reorganization of the units within the University.  In addition, the election of alternate unit representatives and a secretary were established and added to the PSC
  • The New Membership Committee was added to the PSA standing committees
  • In October 2000, the Outstanding Staff Awards ceremony was a joint effort including PSA, CWA and UTPPD employees
  • In 2003, the Professional Staff Association's Membership Committee, under the leadership of Terrie Kovacs implemented a plan to welcome new PSA hires to the University and to inform them about the Professional Staff Association
  • Professional Staff Council hosted two PSA General Meetings - November 4, 2003 and March 31, 2004
  • On March 31, 2004 - the Professional Staff Association Bylaws were updated.  The Sick Leave Bank Committee was made an official standing committee of the PSA.  Language was also added to strengthen PSA's role on University committees wher PSA members are affected
  • March/April 2004, PSC surveyed PSA members on PSC asking questions regarding issues of morale, raises, professional development and general meeting topics and solicited general comments
  • On April 15, 2004, the Professional Staff Association's Professional Developement Committee hosted "The History of UT" brown bag luncheon by Bob TenBrook
  • On June 1, 2004 - the Professional Staff Association's Communication Committee, under the leadership of Don Curtis, launched a new PSA website
  • On July 9, 2004 - the Professional Staff Association's Scholarship Committee, under the leadership of Connie Cytlak hosted the 2nd Annual PSA Scholarship Golf Scramble and raised $6,241.25 for the PSA scholarship fund
  • In early 2004, PSC was instrumental in requesting that the University, through Human Resources, send reports to all employees listing salary and benefits
  • 2003-2004 PSC Goals Achievement Report
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