UT Care Pharmacy

About Us

The UT Care Pharmacy is located in the Ruppert Health Center on the Health Science Campus, and is a new addition to the UTMC Outpatient Pharmacy system. The UT Care Pharmacy offers a specialty services to the patients of the Ryan White Clinic, and is involved with clinic staff to ensure seamless quality care. Our compassionate and friendly staff is available to assist patients, employees, and students with their medication needs.  We are conveniently located within the clinic and offer several delivery and pick-up options.

UT CARE Pharmacy is a 340B pharmacy, which is a federal program offered to eligible clinics such as the Ryan White Clinic. The goal is to enable these clinics to stretch scarce federal resources, reaching more eligible patients, and further extend healthcare in their communities.

Pharmacies and clinics involved with 340B can offer prescription medications at a reduced rate for patients who do not have insurance coverage. Patients with prescription insurance help generate revenue for clinic projects and initiatives within the Ryan White Clinic community.

Meet our staff:
Nikki Hamons, PharmD - Clinical Outpatient Pharmacy Supervisor  Nikki is a UT alumna who received her Doctorate of Pharmacy in 2008. She has served as a pharmacist in the retail setting since 2008 and joined the UTCare staff in August of 2015. 

Annette Gardner, RPh - Outpatient Staff Pharmacist  Annette has been with the UTCare Pharmacy since February 2014 and has experience in the retail setting, academic institution and the pharmaceutical industry. 

Jacqueline Gerber, RPh - Outpatient Staff Pharmacist  Jackie is a UT alumna and has been with the University of Toledo since November of 2013. She has experience in the retail and long-term care settings and joined the UTCare Pharmacy staff in July of 2015.

Tiffany Morgillo, CPhT - Certified Pharmacy Technician  Tiffany has been a Certified Pharmacy technician since 2008 and has been with the University of Toledo since April of 2010. She has been a part of the UTCare team since the pharmacy opened in January of 2012.

Kathleen Davis, CPhT - Certified Pharmacy Technician  Kathleen has been a certified pharmacy technician since 2006 and joined the UTCare staff in December of 2014. 

Last Updated: 6/9/16