UT Care Pharmacy

Frequently Asked Questions

WHAT INFORMATION SHOULD I BRING WITH ME ON MY FIRST VISIT? - Your prescription drug card (if applicable), prescription, and important personal information such as address, phone number, drug allergies, and the names of any other medications you may be receiving from other pharmacies.

WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE INSURANCE? The clinic will work with you to price your medications based on your level on income. This price is usually less than you would pay at other pharmacies.

WHO CAN FILL AT THE UTCARES PHARMACY? Any person who is a patient of the Ryan White Clinic.

CAN I PICK UP MY PRESCRIPTION AT ONE OF THE OTHER UT PHARMACIES? If it is more convenient for you to pick up your medication at one of our other locations, we will fill it for you in our pharmacy and deliver to the UT pharmacy of your choice.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I NEED A PRESCRIPTION FILLED ON AN EVENING OR WEEKEND? –The UT health science campus pharmacy in the hospital is open until 7pm Monday through Friday and can fill your prescriptions. The UT Main Campus Pharmacy on Bancroft is open until 6pm on weekdays and from 9 AM until 2 PM on both Saturday and Sunday if you have an emergency and need your medication filled over the weekend.

WHAT IF I AM UNABLE TO GET TO THE PHARMACY TO PICK UP MY MEDICATIONS? Patients have the option to have their medications delivered by the US postal service. Packages are plain and do not indicate that the package contains medications or that it is from a pharmacy. All medications mailed to your home/office/etc will need to be signed for the patient. Packages cannot be signed for by other persons (unless you request this) and will not be left without a signature. These precautions are taken to ensure your privacy.

CAN YOU FILL ALL MY PRESCRIPTIONS? We can only fill prescriptions written by the doctors and nurse practitioners who are on staff at the Ryan White Clinic. However we can have your other prescriptions filled at another UT pharmacy and have it ready for you to pick up all at once.

CAN MY FAMILY FILL OUR PRESCRIPTIONS AT UTCARES PHARMACY? –We can only fill for patients of the Ryan White Clinic. If your family members are a UT student, employee, or a patient of a UT physician we can have their prescriptions filled at another UT pharmacy and ready to be picked up at our location along with your prescriptions.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO FILL MY PRESCRIPTION? We pride ourselves on filling prescriptions both efficiently and in a timely manner. Your safety is of utmost importance to us, so if there is a problem with the written prescription or a possible drug interaction we will need to contact the doctor. Also, insurance issues may also cause a delay in the filling process. Depending on the number of patients we are filling for at any given time, and barring any issues with your prescription we will strive to fill a 30 day supply within 20 minutes. However, this is not a guarantee as our most important goal is to fill your prescription properly and avoid any drug interactions between the medication you are receiving at that time, and any medications you may have received in the past. Additionally, we may need up to 2 business days to fill a prescription with a 90 day supply to ensure that we can order your medications if needed.

WHAT IF I AM OUT OF REFILLS? We will be happy to call your physician or electronically request refills for you. Simply use the call in refill line and we will be prompted via our computer system to do so. You may also call and speak to the pharmacy staff if you wish to do so. Please allow sufficient time for us to get in contact with your physician, as they are very busy (this may take a day or two).Please DO NOT wait until you are out of medication to request a refill.

WHAT IS ADHERENCE COUNSELING? Adherence is a patient’s ability to take all of their medications as prescribed (including times of the day, with or without food, etc). We are aware that there are many barriers to Ryan White patients taking all of their medications at the correct times, all of the time. Our clinical pharmacist will work with you to identify the reasons that you are forgetting to take your medications, the side effects that make you not decide not to take your medications, etc. and work with you to find ways to improve those barriers . The benefits of your therapy are seen when you consistently take your medications as your doctor prescribed. We will work with you to figure out how you can increase the amount of time that you are taking your medications correctly, assist with diet restriction questions, discuss side effect management, and call your doctor to recommend a change in therapy if needed.

WHAT IS BEING DONE TO ASSURE CONFIDENTIALITY? –Your privacy is of great importance to us. All pharmacy staff members are HIPPA trained, and you can be sure that your private information will be not be shared with anyone who you have not given consent to. Also, you may request for the names of your medication to be blacked out on the outside of the bag if you would like to ensure even more privacy. Prescriptions mailed to you will be in plain packages, with no identification of what is in the package or where it is coming from. Mailed packages will require your signature, and cannot be signed for by others or left on your doorstep to ensure your privacy.

DO YOU WORK WITH THE RYAN WHITE CLINIC STAFF? We work closely with the Ryan White Clinic Staff on a daily basis to ensure you receive the best care possible. The physicians, nurse practitioners, and pharmacy staff will work together to optimize your medical care. Also, we will constantly be in contact with the social workers and other staff members, to ensure that you will receive your medications every month.
Last Updated: 6/9/16