Department of Medicinal and Biological Chemistry

Erin Prestwich, Ph.D.

 Photo of Dr. Prestwich

Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry

419.530.1944 (Office) 
419.530.1947 (Lab)
Wolfe Hall 2209


  • BA, Chemistry, 1999, Wellesley College
  • Ph.D., Chemistry, 2006, Boston College 

Research Interests

Research in the Prestwich laboratory employs analytical and chemical tools to probe the pathophysiology of disease and find new targets for pharmaceuticals. We focus on the discovery of mechanisms for biomolecular damage and on developing methods to characterize and quantify molecules involved in pathophysiology. We are interested in discovering novel nucleic acid modifications and determining the mechanisms and consequences of these modifications. We are focused on discovering novel targets for new antimicrobials to combat problems inherent in the increased pace of antibiotic resistance. This involves using bioanalytical tools, especially mass spectrometry, along with microbiology, synthetic organic chemistry, and chemical biology to discover and study novel mechanisms present in pathogenic bacteria that are lacking in humans. 


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