University Policy

Ambulatory Services

3364-101-01-01 Objectives
3364-101-01-02 Responsibility of Care
3364-101-01-03 Procedures That May Be Performed
3364-101-01-04 Designation of Authority
3364-101-01-05 Monthly Stats
3364-101-01-10 Pediatric Patients
3364-101-02-01 Ambulatory Record
3364-101-02-03 Release Slip
3364-101-02-05 Obtaining Medical Records
3364-101-02-06 Maintenance of Summary Problem and Medication Lists
3364-101-02-08 Consultation Requests
3364-101-02-09 Laboratory Tests and Results
3364-101-02-11 Follow-Up for Cancelled or Missed Appointment 
3364-101-02-14 Outpatient Fall Risk Screening
3364-101-03-01 Guidelines for Patient Care
3364-101-03-04 Transfer of Patients Requiring Definitive Care
3364-101-03-07 Patient Appointments and Follow Up Care Determination
3364-101-03-08 Protecting the Privacy of Patients During a Physical Examiniation
3364-101-03-09 Triage Protocols and the Handling of Phone Calls in the Ambulatory Setting
3364-101-04-02 Outpatient Nursing Screening

3364-101-06-03 Guidelines for Receiving, Dispensing and Disposal of Drug Samples
3364-101-06-05 Prescription Refills
3364-101-06-07 Medical Assistant Roles in Ambulatory Services
3364-101-06-11 Appointment Reminder Calls

3364-101-07-02 Disaster Call In List

3364-101-08-03 Clinic Staffing
3364-101-08-04 Continuing Education Activities
3364-101-08-05 Competency Assessment
3364-101-08-07 Inability to Report to Work as Scheduled
3364-101-08-08 Credentialed Medical Assistant Verification
Advance Directives Guideline
No Show and Cancellation Guideline
Last Updated: 9/22/16