Research and Sponsored Programs


Biomedical Research Innovation Program
Kenneth Hensley

Proof-of-Concept that CRMP2 is a Target for Treating ALS

Jennifer E. W. Hill Investigating the Role of the MC4R Oxytocin Signaling in Regulating Female Sexual Behaviors
deArce-Koch Memorial Endowment Fund in Support of Medical Research and Development
Wissam AbouAlaiwi Primary Endothelial Cilia as Therapeutic Targets for Hypertension in Polycystic Kidney Disease

Terry Hinds Glucocorticoid Receptor Beta and Prostate Cancer in African American Men

Sophie Lalande Effect of Intermittent Hypoxia on Aerobic Capacity in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Joshua Park A Novel Neurotrophic Polysaccharide, Midi-GAGR

Interdisciplinary Research Initiation Award
David J. Kennedy
Bruce S. Levison
Jianglong Zhu
Steven T. Haller
Jiang Tian
Counter Regulatory Mechanisms of Cardio-Renal Disease
Phase 0 SBIR/STTR Program
Paul Erhardt Scientific Nature of the Opportunity That Can Be Developed into a Marketable Technology

STEM Research Innovation Program
Constance Schall Platform Chemicals for Advanced Materials from Renewable Feedstocks.
Summer Research Awards and Fellowships  
Arts and Humanities  
Holly Hey The Garden Project:  The Shifting Politics of Contemporary Kitchen Gardening

Kimberly Mack Fade to Black:  Blues Music and the Art of Narrative Self-Invention from Robert Johnson to Jack White

Pamela Stover Music in African American One-Room Schools

Melissa Valiska-Gregory Maternal Elegy and Nineteenth-Century Women's Poetry
Social Sciences 
Gregory Gilchrist The Potential Targeting Individuals for Corporate Crime

Shelley Cavalieri Land Banking:  Land Reform in America's Legacy Cities

Richard Johnson Does a Nuisance Abatement Law Reduce Crime and Calls for Service

Elizabeth McCuskey Affordable Care Preemption

Agnieszka Anna McPeak Social Media Spoliation and Preservation

Karie Jo Peralta Understanding Non-Profit Leaders' Experiences of Engaging in Community Development with Migrants of Haitian Descent in the Dominican Republic

M. Joel Voss Norm Contestation at the United Nations Human Rights Council

Kainan Wang Investigating in Mutual Funds:  With or Without institutional Investors?

Science, Math & Engineering
Serhan Guner Development of a Numerical Simulation for Buildings Under Extreme Loads

Trieu Le Commuting Toeplitz Operators in Several Variables

Jeanine Refsnider How Many Moments in the Sun? Using Lizards to Challenge the Paradigm on Predicting Species' Response to Climate Change

Akaki Tikaradze Differential Equations and Prime Numbers

Visiting Faculty Researcher Program  
David Giovannucci  
Last Updated: 8/21/18