Undergraduate Research

Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR-UT)

       OUR-UT office is in MacKinnon Hall, MK1010-A.
       Larry Connin's office is in MacKinnon Hall, MK1010-D.
  USRCAP, FYSRE, and TolInterns Summer Research
  Proposals are under review.  First round decisions
  will be announced the week of April 06, 2015.

OUR-UT Standard Research Proposal template
OUR-UT Standard poster template
Proposal Checklist and Proposal Scoring Guidelines

  Please click on the links below to navigate to the desired subject material.
calendar image   Undergraduate Research Event Calendar
Event calendar containing research talks, deadlines, and other items of interest to undergraduate research.
Office of Undergraduate Research Banner
  Undergraduate Research Programs and Resources
The main page for the various research programs funded through the Office of Undergraduate Research.
Student Research Handbook banner
  Student Research Handbook
The Student Research Handbook contains a wealth of information about research programs, Proposal and Final Report formats, etc.
Office of Undergraduate Research Banner UGR2980: "Issues in Research and Scholarship"
Thursdays from May 29 - July 31, Wolfe Hall.
 End-of-Summer Research Symposium image End-of-Summer Research Symposium
Thursday, July 31, 2014 9a-4p, Student Union SU2582/2584.
 NASA and UT logos Capstone Project with NASA-Glenn Research Center
UT student team to research Supplemental Oxygen Flow Regulator in a microgravity environment.
PSTC banner   Posters at the Capitol
"Posters at the Capitol: Undergraduate Research in Northwest Ohio" event is when students present their research at the Ohio Statehouse.
NCUR banner 
  National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)
                NCUR2013 Application
BOSEF banner
  Choose Ohio First: BOSEF
"Building Ohio's Sustainable Energy Future (BOSEF)" is a scholarship program concentrating on energy production and sustainability.
UT-JUR masthead   UT-Journal of Undergraduate Research
      Description      Author Guidelines
Ohio Academy of Science banner
  Ohio Academy of Science
Research Resources
(more links to be activated soon)
Student Research Handbook
      Ethical Conduct of Research
     Research Intensive (RI) Courses and RI Learning Contract
     OUR Advisory Committee
Annual and Assessment Reports        Points of Pride

Students -- Now is the time to be thinking of finding a research project!! 
Talk to faculty to find an interesting research topic, NOW. If you are having a hard time making connections with faculty concerning research projects,LET US HELP!! Email us your name and major (and/or your interests) and we'll help make the connections.

Faculty: If you have a research project (funded or not), Email us so we can post it here.

Questions? Suggestions? Ideas?  Write to us!

The Office of Undergraduate Research "OUR-UT"
Location:  MK1010-A     Office Phone:  419-530-2983
Email address: undergraduate.research@utoledo.edu
Thomas Kvale, Director       Email Address: thomas.kvale@utoledo.edu 
Larry Connin, Associate Director   Email Address: larry.connin@utoledo.edu

Last Updated: 3/29/15