Student Union

About Us

Administrative Offices

Open Monday - Friday from 8:15am to 5:00pm

University of Toledo
Student Union Room 2525
Mail Stop 114
Toledo, OH 43606

419-530-2931 (phone)
419-530-2800 (fax)

Building Managers are on duty Monday - Friday from 5:00pm until the close of the building and during building hours on Saturday and Sunday. They can be reached at: 419-530-2931.

Lost and Found

Lose something in the Union? Chances are it has been returned in to us. Find something in the Union? Turn it into us. Someone will be glad that you did.

Bus Schedules

University Shuttle Bus schedules are available here. The University bus loop is located outside the Student Union building on the west side, facing the Field House. Buses provide transportation to the Scott Park Campus, off-campus housing and various stops on-campus. For more information on the bus service, click here to link to Transit Services.

General Information

Need to know where a meeting is, where an office is, where the bookstore is, if there are any eateries in the building, or if you can use your laptop in the lounge? We're the place to come. Helpful, friendly personnel to answer all those "unusual" or "usual" questions. 


Last Updated: 11/21/16