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The Lancelot Thompson Student Union Administrative Office houses the conference services, operations, maintenance, accounting and overall administrative functions of the Student Union.

Administrative Offices

Open Monday - Friday from 8:15am to 5:00pm

University of Toledo
Lancelot Thompson Student Union
Room 2525
Mail Stop 114
Toledo, OH 43606                                            

419-530-2931 (phone)                                     
419-530-2800 (fax)                                        

Building Managers are on duty Monday - Friday from 5:00pm until the close of the building and during building hours on Saturday and Sunday. They can be reached at: 419-530-2931.

Office Staff

Mark A. Brooks
Assistant Director for Building Services
419.530.8404 (phone)

 Brenda Young            
 Administrative Assistant I
 419.530.4701 (phone)

Rubye Wise
Reservations Assistant
419.530.8520 (phone)

Dakota Stephens
Graduate Assistant
419.530.2931 (phone)




Custodial and Maintenance Staff

Custodial Supervisor
419.530.2122 (phone)

Dianna Brick
Custodial Supervisor

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