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International SOS foreign travel assistance services are available to UToledo employees and all UToledo students while traveling outside the USA and Canada. The assistance offered is not an insurance policy and provides no payment for medical or other claims. This is an assistance program to help you while on foreign travel.

These foreign travel assistance services are provided by International SOS. The International SOS Card, which provides important contact information, should be carried with you when you travel abroad. Click here to download the International SOS Card.   

You can log on to the International SOS website ( https://www.internationalsos.com/members_home/login/login.cfm ) for assistance services and enter the membership number in the upper right corner. You can also call the assistance center at 215-942-8226. The UB member number is 11BCAS000010

ISOS also has an Assistance App for Android, Blackberry, iPad and iPhone. The App provides one-click dialing to the nearest International SOS Assistance center for whenever help or advice is needed; instant access to the latest medical and security alerts for their current location from International SOS and Control Risks (with the capability to browse alerts for other locations); and on-the-go access to Travel Security Online and Medical Country Guides without the need to type in a membership number.  The App is available from the International SOS member website.

 The following is informational only and provides a summary of the types of services available from International SOS (ISOS):


a)    Emergency Medical Evacuation Transportation Arrangements: When adequate medical facilities are not available locally, ISOS will arrange for the emergency medical evacuation/repatriation from the place of accident or sickness to a medical facility which, in the judgment of ISOS and its advisor(s), will respond to a reasonable expectation of satisfactory care and treatment.

b)   Physician/Dentist/Hospital/Vision Referral: ISOS will provide names, addresses, telephone numbers and if requested, office hours for physicians, hospitals, clinics or dentists within the area.

c)    Emergency & Routine Medical Advice: ISOS will, upon request, arrange for medical advice over the telephone. However, a telephone conversation, even with a local attending physician, cannot establish diagnosis and must be treated as advice only.

d)   Repatriation of Mortal Remains: In the event of death while traveling away from home, ISOS will make all necessary arrangements for the return of the mortal remains, including compliance with local government regulations.

e)    Emergency Prescription Replacement: If medications are required that are not available locally, ISOS will, when legally permissible, arrange for delivery of essential medicine, drugs and/or medical equipment. ISOS will not pay for the costs of such items or any delivery costs.

f)     In Patient Case Management: ISOS will assist with being admitted to a hospital. Where ISOS acts as UToledo’s agent to guarantee and pay for in-patient medical care (UToledo assures repayment through your insurance), ISOS will also pay for monitoring and medical evaluation and ongoing medical expenses when hospitalized.

g)   Out-patient Case Management: ISOS will assist with setup and confirmation of appointments with general practitioners, dentists, or medical and dental specialists. If requested, ISOS will also provide assistance with grounds and accommodation arrangements, post appointment communication and follow-up with the patient.

h)   Emergency Message Transmission: ISOS will receive and transmit emergency messages between family and the UToledo traveler on a best effort basis.

i)     Family Visitation Arrangements: If the individual is hospitalized, travel arrangements can be made for relatives or visitors to travel to the bedside.

j)     Insurance/Claims Coordination: ISOS will assist in obtaining the necessary documentation for medical insurance claims for care involving ISOS services.


a)    Travel Security Information: 24-hour access to assistance centers that specialize in monitoring risk-related conditions around the world to assure timely analysis of developments involving political unrest, terrorism and crime.

b)   Security Evacuation Assistance & Coordination: When the development of a threatening emergency situation significantly increases the risk to the traveler in an area, ISOS will commence arrangements for immediate evacuation.


a)    Medical Information: Topics include vaccination requirements, infectious diseases common in destinations, food and water safety and tips on staying healthy while abroad.

b)   Travel Information: Information available includes county and city profiles, cultural issues and etiquette, embassies and consulates, passport & visa requirements, driving safety & internal transportation recommendations, currency, weather & appropriate dress, compatibility of electrical items, tips for women, calendar of local events & holiday and more.

c)    Lost/Stolen Travel Documents/Travel Tickets: If travel documents (passport, visas, tickets, etc.) or credit cards are lost or stolen, ISOS will assist the Covered Personin their efforts to replace such documents.

d)   Emergency Cash Transfer Assistance: ISOS can assist the Covered Person to obtain cash advances in local and US currency for medical emergencies or other travel needs. Advances are based on a personal source of funds.

e)   Emergency Telephone Translation Assistance: ISOS will provide personal emergency telephone translation services through the 24-hour worldwide ISOS network, as well as referrals to interpreter services in the event of an emergency. A fee will be charged if personal presence or customized services are required. In emergency situations, multilingual counselors are available for telephone translation services in all major languages. Referrals are available to interpreter services. 

f)   Legal Referrals: ISOS will provide names, addresses, telephone numbers and if requested and available, office hours for referred lawyers and legal practitioners. ISO will not give legal advice.

Last Updated: 6/27/22