Early Medicine in Northwest Ohio: Case View

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Graveyard of the Midwest: Early Medicine in Northwest Ohio


Photographs of the remains of two former Northwest Ohio communities wiped out by the cholera, books by early frontier doctors, and materials produced by the Toledo Medical Association, the largest medical society in Northwest Ohio.










Top shelf: Gravestones located in the former towns of Providence and Miltonville; book, A Systemic Treatise, Historical, Etiological, and Practical, on the Principal Diseases of the Interior of North America by Daniel Drake


Middle shelf:  Early medical books detailing various common treatments: New Guide to Health; or, Botanic Family Physician by Samuel Thomson;

Discourses: Delivered by Appointment before the Cincinnati Medical Library Association by Daniel Drake; Sixteen Introductory Lectures by Dr. Benjamin Rush; Experiments and Observations on the Gastric Juice and the Physiology of Digestion by Dr. William Beaumont; and The American New Dispensatory by James Thatcher


Bottom shelf:  Minute books of the Toledo Medical Association and North-Western Ohio Medical Association; journal published by the Toledo Medical Association; and editorial on the Toledo Medical College