Nursing in Northwest Ohio: Case View

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Exhibit information:

Catalogs, brochures, commencement materials, photographs, and a yearbook from the Maumee Valley, St. Vincent, and Mercy schools of nursing; materials from the Toledo Training School for Nurses








Top shelf: Nursing skills class, promotional brochure, and anatomy notebook St. Vincent School of Nursing; bulletin and yearbooks, Maumee Valley School of Nursing


Middle shelf: Instructor’s manual, diploma, commencement exercises program, and memory log book, St. Vincent School of Nursing; enrollment and duty record book, Toledo Training School for Nurses


Bottom shelf: Catalog and brochures, Mercy School of Nursing; probationary student nurse cap; photograph of first class, St. Vincent Nurse Training School; diploma, Mercy School of Nursing; textbooks used by students at Mercy School of Nursing; yearbook, “The Mercy Toledoan”