Military Medicine: Case View

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Exhibit information:

Photographs and memorabilia from World War I; diaries from World War II; books and memorabilia about Alene B. Duerk; articles, manuscript, and books on medical treatments during World War II and the Korean War


Top shelf: Photographs of Camp Sherman; diary and transport instructions of Herbert White; book, The Red Cross in Peace and War by Clara Barton; first aid kit; photograph and memorabilia of nurse Ina Lee; book,

Reconstructing the Crippled Soldier by Douglas C. McMurtie


Middle shelf: Wartime diaries of Dr. Max Schnitker; photographs and memorabilia of Alene B. Duerk, the first female Rear Admiral; book, Registered Nurse to

Rear Admiral by Estelle McDoniel

Bottom shelf: Articles, “First Aid Kit” and “Narcosynthesis,” The Air Surgeon’s Bulletin; Manuscript, War Without Blood by Dr. Joseph Gosman; books, Battle Casualties in Korea: Studies of the Surgical Research Team; photograph of John Howard and colleagues


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