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          Grab a catalog: The PDF file is the electronic copy of the physical copy that was available at the exhibition.

          Watch the video: The video clips present a vivid history of the region's history of medical practice.


                    Chapter One: Graveyard of the Midwest: Early Medicine in Northwest Ohio

                    Chapter Two: Safe Water, Safe Milk, Safe Children, and Safe Sex

                    Chapter Three: From Charity to Cutting Edge: Northwest Ohio’s Hospitals

                    Chapter Four: Caring for the Community: Nursing in Toledo

                    Chapter Five: Military Medicine

                    Chapter Six: Today and Tomorrow: Modern Medicine on the Maumee

          Exhibition index: Browse the topics corresponding to each catalog chapter

          Self-guided tours: Navigate the exhibition by clicking on the photographs or simply move from case to case

                    Directed Tour (View case by case)          Tour the Exhibition Area

          Historical timeline: The interactive timeline places this region's medical history in national and global contexts


Navigating the virtual exhibition:


Use the left and right arrows to move back or forward in the navigation gallery above. Click on a thumbnail to view related exhibits. Like in traditional museums, grab an exhibition catalog, which you can read. The catalog details the history of medicine and presents a narrative researched by the contributing authors.


Use the exhibition index as a text-based pathfinder to the topics of your interest, or simply choose one of the two tours prepared in this virtual exhibit. The directed tour takes you through the region's history of medicine in a chronological (case-by-case) order. The exhibition area tour presents views of the exhibition area with links to the exhibit cases. Click or tap on the cases to open the gallery of images with label descriptions of individual items. Click or tap on the right arrow (or nearby) to move forward or on the left to move back. Click outside the image or on the X on the bottom right corner to


The historical timeline presents major events in the regional history of medicine with major global and national events as well as U.S. presidents. Go to Resources to access archives and library resources for your research or area of interest. Use Search to search the full text of this Website only. As always, additions to the information with historical photographs will be greatly appreciated and duly credited.