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Dr. Peter Mezo


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Graduate Student Researchers

Kelsey pritchard, m.a.

ARC Pritchard

  • Degree: M.A. Clinical Psychology (Cleveland State University)
  • Degree in Progress: Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
  • 2016-2021
  • Graduate Student
  • Email:

Kelsey earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The Ohio State University in 2013, and his Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Cleveland State University in 2016. Prior to joining the ARC Lab, Kelsey successfully defended his Master’s thesis titled “An Interpersonal Model of Depression: A Psychophysiological Perspective,” and completed a practicum placement at the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Psychiatric Clinic.

Kelsey’s primary research interests focus on the role of the autonomic nervous system in the onset and maintenance of depression and stress. His research also aims to understand how interpersonal behaviors influence social support in those with depression. Broadly speaking, he is interested in understanding how these behavioral and psychophysiological processes function in the context of emotion regulation.

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hannah herc, msC


  • Degree: MSc Mental Health Research (University of Nottingham)
  • Degree in Progress: Ph.D. Clinical Psychology
  • 2017-2022
  • Graduate Student
  • Email:

Hannah earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Kent State University in 2014, and her Master’s degree in Mental Health Research from The University of Nottingham (U.K.) in 2016. Prior to joining the ARC Lab, Hannah worked as a Psychology Research Lab Manager at Kent State University (2014-2015) and most recently as a Behavioral Health Counselor at both the Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit at St. Clare's Behavioral Health Hospital and for Comprehensive Behavioral Healthcare Group Homes (2016-2017), located in New Jersey.

Hannah's primary research interests focus on alternative coping mechanisms for emotion regulation disorders, with an emphasis on mindfulness, mindful awareness, and self-regulation.

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undergraduate student researchers

Sarah Herr

Sarah is currently a sophomore and pursuing her Bachelor’s in Psychology. Sarah’s research interests pertain to self-regulation and behaviorism in the context of treating Autism and other developmental disorders. She is currently employed as a ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) Technician. In the future, she aims to complete her Ph.D. as a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analysis) and to work with children with Autism. 

hannah marshal


Hannah is a junior undergraduate student pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a double major in Mathematics (Concentration in Statistics). Hannah's research interests are in adaptive regulation and coping and, more specifically, the use of mindfulness in the treatment of PTSD. 

"I think that working in a lab is a great opportunity to learn about how psychology research works, and I would suggest for anyone considering a career in Psychology or research to try participating in a lab. It's been an amazing learning experience for me, and I've had a lot of fun this far!" - Hannah




Taylor is a sophomore undergraduate student pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a double major in Biology. Her research interests include examining the versatile applications of self-regulation and nature to treat depression and anxiety disorders, and the quantitative analyses of these processes. ARC Lab is Taylor's first opportunity to work in a research setting. She is excited to learn more about the impact clinical research can have on the field of psychology.

Kajuan willis

Kajuan is a Junior and pursuing her Bachelor’s in Psychology. Kajuan’s interest in research is guided by her passion to improve the lives of others. She is particularly interested in learning and studying the different self-regulation mechanisms that people use to cope with distress and the environmental factors that influence such mechanisms. 

Alumni & former members 

Raghad hassabelnaby

anna wagenhauser

Kaylee finch





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