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Results 2018


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Top 10 University Teams

1. Western Michigan University
2. Asbury University
3. University of Toledo
4. University of Central Oklahoma
5. Kent State University
6. Florida State University
7. University of Cincinnati
8. James Madison University
9. (tie) University of Texas at Dallas
9. (tie) University of Wisconsin Whitewater


Junior Division Finalists

Champion - Kaylee VanWinkle, Asbury University
Runner-up - Stacy Zoeller, Western Michigan University
3rd - Haley Orr, University of Toledo
4th - Nathaniel Clevenger, Kent State University
5th - Justin Brian, University of Central Oklahoma
6th - Christina Talarico, Florida State University


Sophomore/Freshman Division Finalists

Champion - Ryan Demas, Western Michigan University
Runner-up - Jackson Thomas, Asbury University
3rd - Samantha Lazuka, University of Cincinnati
4th - Hanna Capell, University of Toledo
5th - Marissa Piemonte, James Madison University
6th - Mason Cordes, University of Toledo (Alternate Team B)


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