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About Project Need To Read


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Contact Us

The University of Toledo Main Campus
MS 954, Gillham Hall

4000 G

Phone: 419-530-2417

Fax: 419-530-2700

Requirements for Participation

School Study

Criteria to Participate:

  • Students in grades K-2 identified as having reading difficulties by their teachers/school personnel,
  • Parental consent for participation of their child, and
  • Primary reading teacher/paraprofessional consent to participate in the study.

Software Used in the Study:

  • Funnix computer-based reading program

  • Headsprout computer-based reading program


School personnel and their students with reading difficulties will be randomly assigned to one of the three groups: A funnix group, a Headsprout group, and a control group. School personnel in the Funnix group and the school personnel in the Headsprout group will implement the Funnix and Headsprout programs as Tier 2 interventions. School personnel in the third group will continue with the regular reading instruction/support. all children will be pre and post-tested using DIBELS progress monitoring measures by the Project staff. Further, the Project staff will teach school personnel on how to use the computer-based reading programs and will observe them being implemented at least twice during the implementation period.

Last Updated: 6/9/16