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Patents & Technnology

A number of Technolgies developed by Departmental faculty are available for licensing. Current offerings are tabulated below.

Technology Offerings
Injectable Biodegradable Bone Matrix for Multiple Myeloma Lesion Augmentation and Osteoporosis

Project ID: D2013-62 Invention Description and Novelty: Unique technology targets both ends of the bone remodeling process by introducing therapies to suppress osteoporosis and restore bone formation in the case of multiple myeloma and other cancer-induced bone diseases. Value proposition: · Unique injectable bone filler composition sets i...

Biosensor Device to Detect Infection in Real Time

Project ID: D2013-32 Invention novelty: Sensor capable of rapid differentiation between viral and bacterial infections (in vivo or in situ). If bacterial, provides capability to segment into either Gram-positive or Gram-negative bacteria. Value proposition: · Receptor component can be configured to have different sensing elements that can ...

Amine-terminated Aptamer Functionalized SPR Sensor

Project ID: D2012-07 IP Status: Provisional Application Invention novelty and description: This novel invention describes sensors for target entities having at least one amine-terminated aptamer specific to the target entity. Aptamers are artificial oligonucleotides which can serve as antibody mimics because of their high affinity and selectivity ...

Enhanced Anti-Fouling Properties of Novel Composite Material

Project ID: D2013-31 Novelty: Development of a novel electromagnetic polymer composite material for enhanced anti-fouling effects. Background: Biofouling (bacterial attachment to solid surfaces and colonization) is the main source of bacterial infection and poses potentially harmful impacts on human health. Medical devices, food packaging, and drin...

Simple preparation of stiff gel adhesives for underwater use

Project ID: D2014-08 Invention novelty: Adhesive gels that suggest a new class of self-assembled adhesives can be prepared from inexpensive and readily-available ingredients. These gels provide a simple and scalable platform for underwater adhesion, adhere to dissimilar substrates underwater and deliver adhesion strengths that are comparable to th...

Methods of Making and Using Antibacterial Surfactant/Microgel Formulations

Project ID: D2012-31 Invention Description and Novelty: Antibacterial surfactant formulations are often prepared using cationic surfactants (e.g., alkyltrimethylammonium salts) which are toxic. Consequently, their use in cleaning and disinfecting formulations raises environmental and health concerns. Unique formulations consisting of quaternized mi...

New methods for high-yield production of furans from biomass sugars at mild operating conditions

Project ID: D2014-22 Applications: Two furans, hydroxymethyl furfural (HMF) and furfural, are versatile and key platform chemicals for the synthesis of many useful products and fuels, including dimethyl/methylfurans, gasoline and diesel components and are increasingly used in petroleum refining, plastics, agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries....

Low temperature method for production of multiple biofuels and products from oleaginous biomass feedstocks

Project ID: D2011-30 Background:Biomass of non-lignocellulosic origin is typically composed of one or more of three components – protein, starch and oils (such as triacylglycerides or other lipids). One of the concerns with thermochemical processing of protein-containing biomass is contamination of bio-oil with nitrogen-containing compounds...

US8507232 08/13/2013 Methods for fermentation of xylose and hexose sugars
US8236536 08/07/2012 Saccharifying cellulose
US8227373 07/24/2012 Exhaust gas purification catalysts and methods of making the same
US8030030 10/04/2011 Biomass pretreatment
US7674608 03/09/2010 Saccharifying cellulose
US5855616 01/05/1999 Bioartificial pancreas
US5674289 10/07/1997 Bioartificial pancreas
US5425764 06/20/1995 Bioartificial pancreas
US5397700 03/14/1995 Method of producing products with a bilayer pellet containing a coimmobilized enzyme system that maintains a ph difference
US5387237 02/07/1995 Bioartificial pancreas
US5254468 10/19/1993 Bilayer pellet containing immobilized xylose isomerase and urease for the simultaneous isomerization and fermentation of xylose to ethanol

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