Civil and Environmental Engineering

Laurie Adams



Laurie Adams joined Dansard Grohnke Long Limited, LLC in 1986 and has gained experience in all phases of highway and traffic control design.  She was elected to partnership in October, 1999.  Laurie currently oversees traffic studies and roadway design projects and is experienced in the application of traffic control software including Petra, Highway Capacity Software, Synchro, Sim Traffic, Passer II-90, Transyt-7F and PC Warrants.  

Laurie Adams graduated from the University of Toledo with Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 1986. She is a registered Professional Engineer in the states of Ohio and  Michigan. She has had the experience of working in the Ohio Department of Transportation; LUC 2-14.210 (Airport Highway),  City of Sylvania; McCord Road, Sylvania Township; McCord to Wilford, City of Findlay; Signal System Study, City of Findlay and Traffic Analyses.  




Last Updated: 11/14/18