Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Main Campus
3006 Nitschke Hall
Mail Stop 307
2801 W. Bancroft St.
Toledo, OH 43606-3390
Phone: (419) 530-8120
Fax: (419) 530-8116


Contact Information

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 
NI-3006, Mailstop-307 
University of Toledo 
Toledo OH 43606-3390

Telephone: (419) 530-8120

Fax: (419) 530-8116

Name Title Room No. Phone Email
Apul, Defne Assoc. Professor NI-3030 419-530-8132
Bosch, Bryan Assistant Director of Department Student Services NI-3006 419-530-8114  emailicon
Canard, Janelle Department Secretary NI-3006 419-530-8120
Chou, Eddie Professor NI-3022 419-530-8123
Gruden, Cyndee Assoc. Chair/Assoc. Professor/Advisor Senior Students NI-3024 419-530-8128
Guner, Serhan Assistant Professor NI-3021 419-530-8133
Gupta, Jiwan Professor Emeritus NI-3006E 419-530-8117
Heydinger, Andrew Professor Emeritus NI-3039 419-530-8133
Koo, Benjamin Professor Emeritus NI-3039 419-530-8138
Kumar, Ashok Chair/Professor NI-3006D 419-530-8115
Murnen, George Professor Emeritus NI-3025 419-530-8127
Nims, Douglas K. Assoc. Professor NI-3029 419-530-8122
Parvin, Azadeh Assoc. Professor NI-3035 419-530-8134
Pickett, Mark Professor Emeritus NI-3020 419-530-8121
Randolph, Brain Professor / Executive Associate Dean NI-5012 419-530-8044
Rowe, Susan Assoc. Director, Career Management Center NI-1040 419-530-8057
Seo, Youngwoo Assistant Professor NI-3031 419-530-8131
Last Updated: 10/13/17