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Program Requirements

Undergraduates enrolled in the Civil Engineering program at the University of Toledo must complete requirements in five different areas in order to graduate. These requirements are:

 Mathematics (18)

MATH 1850 Calculus I
MATH 1860 Calculus II
MATH 2850 Calculus III
MATH 2890 Num. Meth. Lin Alg.
MATH 2860 (MATH 3860) Diff. Eqns.

 Basic Science (17)

CHEM 1230 Gen. Chem. I
PHYS 2130 Gen. Phys. I
PHYS 2140 Gen. Phys. II
Science Elective: ASTR, EEES, BIOL

 Other Technical Requirements (12)

MIME 2300 Eng. Dynamics 
MIME 2600 Eng. Economics
MIME 4000 Eng. Statistics I 
Fund. of Eng. Elect.: MIME 1650, 3400 or EECS 2340

 General Education Requirements (21)

ENGL 1110 College Comp. I
ENGL 2950/2960 Report Writing
Multicult. US Diver. Elect. 
Multicult. Non-West. Elect. 

 Civil Requirements (60)

CIVE 1000 Fresh. CIVE Exper. (Orientation-First Year Experience) 
CIVE 1100 Civ. Eng. Meas. 
CIVE 1110 CAD for Civ. Eng. 
CIVE 2000 Prof. Dev. 
CIVE 1150 Statics 
CIVE 1160 Stength of Matls. 
CIVE 1170 Fluid Mech. For CIVE 
CIVE 3310 Stuct. Analysis 
CIVE 3620 Air Poll. Eng. I 
CIVE 3610 Water Supply & Treat. 
CIVE 3120 CIVE Syst. Anal. 
CIVE 2110 CIVE Matls. w / Lab. 
CIVE 3420 Rein. Conc. I 
CIVE 3210 Soil Mechanics 
CIVE 3510 Transp. Eng. I 
CIVE 3410 Steel Design I 
CIVE 3220 Found. Eng. 
CIVE 3630 Wastewater Eng. 
CIVE 3520 Transp. Eng. II 
Technical Elective-CIVE 3-4000 level 
Technical Elective-3-4000 level approved by department 
CIVE 4750 Senior Des. Project

Last Updated: 11/7/18