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Theses by Dr. Daniel Georgiev

List of selected theses and dissertations supervised by Dr. Daniel Georgiev.

MS Theses

  • Dhara Sheela Jackson, Thesis Title: Molecular structure and nonlinear optical properties of As-S glasses, In progress.

PhD Dissertations

  • Joe Moening, Dissertation Title: Sharp micro/nano-cones for microelectronic applications by pulsed laser irradiation: fabrication, characterization, and mechanism of formation, In progress.

List of selected papers published by Dr. Daniel Georgiev.

  • S. Thanawala, D.G. Georgiev, R.J. Baird, G. Auner, "Characterization of Iridium Oxide Films Deposited by Pulsed-Direct-Current Reactive Sputtering," Thin Solid Films, 515 (2007) 7059.
  • S. Thanawala, D.G. Georgiev, G. Auner, "Excimer-Laser Fabrication of Micro-Bumps on Platinum Thin Films," Applied Physics Letters 91 (2007), article number 041912 
  • J. Eizenkop, I. Avrutsky , G. Auner , D.G. Georgiev , V. Chaudhary, "Single pulse excimer nano-structuring of thin silicon films: a heat transfer problem including phase transitions," Journal of Applied Physics, 101 (2007) 94301.
  • D.G. Georgiev, G. Newaz, G. Auner, H. J. Herfurth, R. Witte, "An XPS Study of Laser-Fabricated Ti/Polyimide interfaces", Applied Surface Science, 236 (2004) 71.
  • D.G. Georgiev , R.J. Baird, I. Avrutsky, G. Auner , G. Newaz, "Controllable Excimer-Laser Fabrication of Conical Nano-Tips on Silicon Thin Films", Applied Physics Letters, 84 (2004) 4881.
  • I. Avrutsky, D. G. Georgiev, D. Frankstein, G. Newaz, G. Auner, "Super-resolution in Laser Annealing and Ablation", Applied Physics Letters, 84 (2004) 2391.
  • D.G. Georgiev, P. Boolchand, K.A. Jackson, "Intrinsic Nanoscale Phase Separation of Bulk As2S3 Glass", Phil. Mag. 83 (2003), 2941.
  • D.G. Georgiev, P. Boolchand, H. Eckert, M. Micoulaut, K. Jackson " The Self-Organized Phase of Bulk PxSe1-x Glasses", Europhys. Lett., 62(2003) , 49
  • Y. Wang, J. Wells, D.G. Georgiev, P. Boolchand, K. Jackson, M. Micoulaut, "Sharp Rigid to Floppy Transition Induced by Dangling Ends in a Network Glass", Phys. Rev. Lett, 87 (2001), 185503
  • D.G. Georgiev, P. Boolchand, M. Micoulaut, "Rigidity Transitions and Molecular Structure of AsxSe1-x glasses", Phys. Rev. B, 62(2000), R9228.
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