Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Mission Statement                                                   

As a department that celebrates human diversity, we advance civil engineering knowledge, solutions, and practices through research and education of civil engineers who...  

  • have a balanced, integrated, and state-of-the-art education 
  • are creative, independent,  and practical thinkers
  • are world-class leaders, designers, and entrepreneurs

Points of Pride 

  • The University of Toledo ranked amongst the top engineering graduate programs by Princeton Review.
  • National ranking places UT civil engineering at No. 18.

NEWS and events

Dr. Dora Lopez AND wastewater engineering students go on site tour at bay view wastewater plant on september 20-21, 2018


listening to Mark Stoffan at the Bay View Wastewater Treatment Plant in Toledo.

  Bay View students

A flame can be observed at the top where excess methane is being flared into carbon dioxide.

 Bay View Visit

Aeration/sedimentation pond.

 Bay View

Dr. Pickett and the UT students helped the migrant students perform simple hands-on activities, that illustrate practical everyday applications of Science/Technology/Engineering/Math.

The activities included:

  • Polymer Science, making silly putty
  • Environmental Engineering, model contaminant flow into a river
  • Conservation of Energy, construct and fly rockets

Migrant-Delta workers

Delta Workers - children 






Delta Migrant Serv. 


March 2018:  The University of Toledo ACI Chapter attends ACI Convention at Salt Lake City!

The freshly formed UT-ACI has been gaining remarkable momentum in the University and in National arena. Having formed this semester, Spring 2018, the chapter has already participated in the Engineering week events such as Discovery Engineering, E-week Banquet, and has attended lunch meeting with the ACI Northwest Regional Chapter.

The chapter announced their presence nationwide by participating in the ACI Convention held at Salt Lake City, Utah. The chapter represented The University of Toledo in presentations, committee meeting, and won the student Scavenger Hunt! The chapter has already started preparing for the next ACI Student Competition being held at Las Vegas!

Please email at for more information!!!


     UT-ACI students with Khaled Awad, the president of ACI

 Khaled Awad

UT-ACI chapter students dining with the chapter advisor Dr. Louis Mata

Dr. Louis Mata with UT-ACI chapter students

 ACI Convention student lunch speaker: 1998 Olympic Gold Medalist Nikki Stone.

ACI convention images

 Bowling Ball competition


Graduate students win second place in speech contest 

Two UT College of Engineering Ph.D. Candidates, Salim Khoso, graduate student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Emily Krull, graduate student in the Department of Bioengineering, from the Westside Toastmasters Club here at UT, participated in the Toastmasters Area Contest held on Sept 12, 2017.  They secured second place in the speech contest. 


Dr. Guner was one of six researchers to receive funding from Ohio Department of Transportation. The $40,000 funding is for one-year research titled "Evaluation of Reserve Shear Capacity of Bridge Pier Caps Using the Deep Beam Theory".

Dr. Guner presented paper in EGYPT 

Dr. Guner was selected to present a paper, titled: Numerical Modeling of a Caisson Foundation Retrofitted with Helical Piles, at the GeoMEast 2017 Congress in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. 


Ph.D. Candidate Mr. Rafael Salgado won the Best Poster Award at American Concrete Institute's Fall Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in October 2016. He also made a research presentation titled: Structural Safety Assessment of Deep Beams.

The University of Toledo 2016 Environmental Engineering Summer Workshop

The University of Toledo offered an exciting one-day workshop on Friday, July 29 for current high school students who graduate in 2017 or 2018 interested in exploring the field of environmental engineering. The workshop focussed on sustainability and water, key topics of concern in the Great Lakes Region. Professors and students were available to guide through the lab sessions and give in-depth knowledge of each area.

Two students of the Civil Engineering department have received awards at The annual 2016 A&WMA Conference held in New Orleans in June this year.

Hamid Omidvarborna (PhD student) received the "Runners Up" paper award among all the YP (Young Professionals under 35 years) presentations in Air during the 2016 A&WMA Conference in New Orleans. His paper is : "Application of Stochastic Simulation Algorithms (SSA) to NOx Emissions from Combustion of Simplified Biodiesel Surrogate Fuel in Low-Temperature Combustion (LTC) by Hamid Omidvarborna, Ashok Kumar, and Dong-Shik Kim".

While Ms. Mounika Sajja received third prize among the MS student posters presented during the 2016 A&WMA Conference held in New Orleans in June. The Title of the poster is: "EXAMINATION OF INDOOR RADON CONCENTRATIONS WITH TIME VARIATION IN OHIO, 1999-2014".

Katie Burns a senior in Civil Engineering has been selected as one of 10 outstanding civil engineering undergraduates named to the American Society of Civil Engineers 2015 New Faces of Civil Engineering

Katie Burns a senior in Civil Engineering has been selected as one of 10 outstanding civil engineering undergraduates named to the American Society of Civil Engineers 2015 New Faces of Civil Engineering–College Edition ". 

The University of Toledo College of Engineering Tenure Track Faculty Position in Structural Engineering - 0600268

Dr. Serhan Guner started as an Assistant Professor in Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Toledo, Ohio. He is an Adjunct Professor at Ryeson University, Ontario. Explore his research interests.

The University of Toledo is an Equal Access, Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer and Educator.

Study: Biodiesel in Buses Cuts Pollution

Study shows air-quality benefits of biodiesel in city buses


Infrastructure Engineering Education 

News: Dr Defne Apul received a collaborative NSF grant to develop new curriculum on infrastructure engineering. With this grant The University of Toledo will be one of eight institutions establishing the Center for Infrastructure Transformation and Education (CIT-E). The UT's focus on this grant will be development and offering of new learning modules focusing on energy and environmental impact analysis of infrastructure systems.

International Outreach

News: National Institute of Technology (NIT), Kurukshetra, India, has signed an MoU with the University of Toledo to co-operate in terms of academics and research (e.g. faculty exchange). The MoU encourages faculty, knowledge, and student exchange between both the parties. Given the above context, Dr. A. Kumar (Chair, Civil and Environmental Engineering) and Dr. V. Devabhaktuni (Associate Professor, EECS Department), both from the University of Toledo, interacted with Department Chairs, Faculty, Postgraduate, and Undergraduate Students of Civil, Computer, ECE, and Electrical Departments of NIT. Drs. Kumar and Devabhaktuni held several meetings coordinated by the Center for Continuing Education & External Collaboration (CCEEC) of NIT during October 14-15, 2009. One of the several objectives is "graduate student recruitment". The meetings were attended by 150-200 faculty and students of NIT.


The State of Post-Graduate Environmental Education in the United States: This article appears in the September 2012 issue of EM Magazine, a publication of the Air & Waste Management Association (A&WMA; To obtain copies and reprints, please contact A&WMA directly at 1-412-232-3444.

How Should Students Prepare for the Job Market? Successful students have one eye on the job market as they progress toward their college graduation. They are interested and ready to participate in a variety of activities at school to help with their job search after graduation. Today’s job market is tough, and the global economy is going nowhere. However, the 2010–2011 job outlook report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicated that the employment of environmental scientists, engineers, and specialists is expected to increase by more than 25% over the next decade. Job growth is likely to be strongest in private consulting firms.

For general questions about the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and The University of Toledo College of Engineering, please contact:

 Ashok Kumar, Ph.D., BCEE , Professor and Chairman

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering MS 307
The University of Toledo
2801 W. Bancroft St. 
Toledo, OH, 43606


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