College of Engineering


The mission of the Office of Research and Graduate Studies is to mobilize the College of Engineering's research enterprise and further develop the research capacity and excellence of the faculty and the graduate and undergraduate students for the benefit of the community at large. The Office seeks to identify new opportunities and promotes collaborations and partnerships between faculty within the College and externally with other university faculty, industry and government.

Research in the College runs a wide gamut -- from aero-acoustics to hydrogen production for fuel cells, from a noninvasive glucose sensor to developing small turbine engines for missiles, from atomic scale microscopic measurements to measuring stresses on the I-280 Maumee River Crossing.


College Strategic Research Areas

Eight years ago, the College made a commitment to focus its larger research efforts primarily in three areas: Advanced Materials, Energy & Environment, and Biomedical & Biotechnology. Research expertise in complementary areas such as high performance computing, communications, manufacturing, and transportation strengthen the efforts within the three strategic research areas.

College’s five engineering research departments have identified departmental focus areas consistent with college and university directions.

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Last Updated: 2/15/17