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Theses by Dr. Devinder Kaur

List of selected theses and dissertations supervised by Dr. Devinder Kaur.

MS Theses & Projects

  • Sunil Uppalapati, Project title: Design and Implementation of Mamdani Fuzzy Inference System on FPGA, In progress.
  • Murugappan Meyyappan Murugappan, Thesis title: Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for solving Traveling Salesman Problem, Fall 2007.
  • Ying Chen, Thesis title: Software Scalable System on Chip Architecture for Image Processing, May 2006.
  • Dominic Wilson, Thesis title: Type-2 Fuzzy Models for Evaluation of Trust in e-interaction Scenarios, December 2003.
  • Vikas Loomba, Thesis title: Secure Internet Application using Three Tier Web Architecture, Summer 2002.
  • Mangesh Phadnis, Thesis title: Intelligent Data Rerieval, Summer 2002.
  • Bo Shi, Thesis title: NeuroFuzzy Classification with NEFCLASS, Summer 2002.
  • Uday Hegde, Thesis title: Workflow Management System, Spring 2002
  • Charles Zimmer, Thesis title: Examination of the Stiquito Robot controlled by a Motorola MC68HC11
  • Xingkang Wang, Thesis title: Design of a Fuzzy Logic Power System Stabilizer with Matlab Simulink and Fuzzy Logic Tool Box, Spring 2002.
  • Qiang Zhang, Thesis title: Fuzzy Routing in Communication Networks, Spring 2002.
  • Saurabh Biswas, Thesis title: Application of Neurofuzzy Techniques for Determination of Secondary Structure of Protein, Spring 2002.
  • Dhiresh Shrivastava, Thesis title: Intelligent Hierarchical Search Utility Using Java, Spring 2002.

PhD Dissertations

  • Dominic Wilson, Dissertation Tittle: Evolutionary Computation Based Data mining methods for Network Intrusion Detection, In progress.

List of publications by Dr. Devinder Kaur.

Selection of papers published

  • Devinder Kaur and Pat Marshall, "Sensitivity Analysis of Daubechies 4 Wavelet Coefficients for Reduction of Reconstructed Image Error", Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Signal Processing, pp. 167-172, Dallas, Texas, USA, March 22-24, 2007.
  • D. Wilson and D. Kaur, "Using Grammatical Evolution for Evolving Intrusion Detection Rules", Proceedings of the WSEAS International Conference on Information Security and Privacy, ISSN: 1790-5095, ISSN: 1790-5117, ISBN: 960-8457-56-4, Venice, Italy, Nov. 20-22, 2006.
  • D. Kaur and R. Gosavi, "Neuro-Fuzzy Modeling of Nucleation Kinetics of Protein", Proceedings of the 7th WSEAS International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, pp.14-19, Cavtat, Croatia, June 12-14, 2006. ISSN:1790-5109, ISSN:1790-5117, ISBN: 960-8457-46-7.
  • Dominic Wilson, Devinder Kaur, Mariana Forrest and Feng Lu, "A Grammatical Evolution Approach to System Identification of Laser Lap Welding", Proceedings of the SAE World Congress on Reliability and Robust Design in Automotive Engineering, ISBN: 10:0-7680-1767-X, SP-2032, ISBN-13: 978-0-7680-1767-0, pp. 493-497, April 3-5, Detroit, 2006.
  • Dominic Wilson and Devinder Kaur, "Fuzzy Classification using Grammatical Evolution for Structure Identification", Proceedings of NAFIPS 2006, Montreal, June 3-6, 2006. IEEE Catalog No. 05TH 8815C, ISBN: 0-7803-9188-8, Library of Congress: 2006924074.

Journal Publications

  • D. Kaur and Pat Marshall, "Sensitivity Analysis of Decomposition and Reconstruction Daubechies 4 Wavelet Coefficients for Error Reduction in the Reconstructed Image", WSEAS Transactions on Signal processing, Issue 4, Volume 3, pp. 321-328, April 2007. ISSN: 1790-5022.
  • D. Wilson and D. Kaur, "Knowledge Extraction from KDD’ 99 Intrusion Data using Grammatical Evolution", WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications, Issue 2, Volume 4, pp. 237-244, February, 2007. ISSN: 1790-0832.
  • D. Kaur and R. Gosavi, "Comparative Analysis of Models of Nucleation Kinetics of Protein obtained with Regression and Neuro Fuzzy Techniques", WSEAS Transactions on Information Science and Applications, Issue 9, Volume 3, pp. 1695-1703, September 2006. ISSN: 1790-0832
  • D. Kaur and Y. Wang, "Computer 2D Simulation of the Collision Free Navigation of Virtual AGV among Static Obstacles using Fuzzy Inference" International Journal of Computers And Their Applications, Volume 11, Number 9, pp. 34-40, March 2004.
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