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Theses by Dr. Ezzatollah Salari

List of selected theses and dissertations supervised by Dr. Ezzatollah Salari.

MS Theses & Projects

  • Nathan Enders, Thesis Title: ECG signal Compression, In process.
  • Ramya Alexander, Thesis Title: Fast architecture design for Block Matching Algorithms, In process.
  • G. Rathi, Thesis Title: Adaptive ECG Compression Using SPIHT Coder, December 2007 (Co-Advisor).
  • Z. Li, Thesis Title: Investigation of Electrochemical Sensors for detection of Biomolecules, December 2006 (Co-Advisor).
  • X. Chen, Thesis Title: SAR Image compression and speckle noise Suppression using adaptive vector Quantization, Fall 2005.
  • M. Almashani, Thesis Title: Analyzing and Investigating a New lossless Image compression Technique with Huffman Coding, Fall 2005.

PhD Dissertations

  • Shuo Wang, Dissertation Title: Advanced Image processing Techniques, In process.
  • Y. Zhang, Dissertation Title: Resource Allocation Strategies in Multimedia Wireless Networks, May 2008.
  • W. Jianming, Dissertation Title: Wavelet-Based Robust Image Coding and Packetization Techniques, December 2006.
  • X. Li, Dissertation Title: Efficient Image Data Compression Algorithms and Robust Image Transmission Over Noisy Channels, Fall 2004.
  • S. Zhang, Dissertation Title: Image Improvement and Data reduction techniques Using neural networks, Fall 2002.

List of selected papers published by Dr. Ezzatollah Salari.

  • J Wei and E.Salari, "Fast and Robust Fixed-Length Packetization Algorithm for Set Partitioning in Hierarchical Trees Bit-Stream over Packet Erasure Channels," Journal of Electronic Imaging 16(1), 2007.
  • J Wei and E. Salari, "Optimal Packetization Scheme for Embedded Multimedia Bit streams Using Genetic algorithms," Intl. Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology, Vol 16, No. 3, 2006.
  • E. Salari and X. Li, "Channel optimized Robust Image Coding Over Noisy Channels", Optical Engineering, Vol. 45, No. 12, 2006.
  • S. Zhang and E. Salari, "A Competitive Learning Vector Quantization with Evolution Strategies for Image Compression", Optical Engineering, Vol. 44, No. 2, Feb 2005.
  • X. Li and E. Salari, "Predictive Quadtree Expansion Technique for Image Compression in Wavelet Transform Domain", J. of Electronic Imaging, Vol. 13, No.4, pp., 878-885, Oct. 2004.
  • E. Salari and S. Zhang, "An Integrated Recurrent Neural Network for Image resolution Enhancement from Multiple of Image Frames", IEE Proc., Vision, Image and Signal Processing, Vol 150, No. 5, pp. 299-305, Oct. 2003.
  • E. Salari and S Zhang, "Neural Network Based Image Restoration Using Scaled Residual with Space-Variant Regularization", Intl. Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology, Vol 12, pp. 247-253, 2002.
  • Jeff Mackey, E. Salari, P. Tin, "Modulation, Alignment and Calibration Methods for Phase-Modulated Optical Polarimeters", Optical Engineering, 42 (05), pp. 1460-1466, May 2003.
  • S. Zhang and E. salari, "Reducing Artifacts in Coded Images Using a Neural Network Aided Adaptive FIR Filter", Vol. 50, pp. 249-269, J. Neurocomputing, 2003.
  • S. Zhang and E. Salari, "A Neural Network Based Nonlinear Filter for Image Enhancement", Intl. J. of Imaging Systems and Technology, Vol. 12, 56-62, 2002.
  • Jeffrey R Mackey, E. Salari, P. Tin, "Optical Material Stress Measurement Using Two Orthogonally Polarized Sinusuidally Intensity-Modulated Semiconductor Lasers", J. Measurement Science and Technology 13, pp 179-185, 2002.
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